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photoTiny shoes are just so cute! Little feet are even cuter. I’ve always been a fan of TOMS shoes for myself, but when I saw their baby and toddler line I was in love. From graphic prints and trendy colors to glitter…Tiny TOMS are as stylish as they come. Not only are they stylish…each pair sold helps another child in need. That’s right, TOMS’ social entrepreneurship model has been promoting the “One for One” concept for the past several years. For every pair of shoes that TOMS sells, they give a pair away to a child in need. More recently they have even branched out into sunglasses and fair trade coffee. So in addition to having your shoes make a difference…so can your morning cup of Jo and your shades. The sunglass line provides glasses and vision restoring surgeries in developing countries, and the fair trade coffee line provides clean water.Little African Girl At Wooden Fence With Thumbs Up.

Yes, TOMS is a business that wants to make a profit…but isn’t that the point of business? The difference with TOMS is that giving is part of their core. A business with true core values intended to help the less fortunate both in the US and in developing countries is incredibly refreshing. Because of TOMS, many other companies built on the fair trade and giving back model are emerging. Noonday Jewelry Collection is another example of how our dollar can significantly impact those struggling to emerge from poverty.Friends without shoes together, summer, group of children

So why not introduce your little one to the concept of giving back right now! I’m about to make it incredibly easy for you! That’s right…The Mom in Me, MD is giving away a pair of TINY TOMS Size 5! Sorry, boys, these are for the girls. Make sure to leave a comment below and share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter to qualify to win. But, FIRST, you need to click on this link to register to win. a Rafflecopter giveaway  Check out the giveaway picture below, taken from the TOMS shoes webpage. Oh, and don’t forget to click on the hyperlinks above for more helpful insights and shopping opportunities!


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TOMS Shoes…Corporate Sell Out or Praise Worthy Vision?

I haven’t reblogged anyone’s content on my page before, but I found this article from JoyCorps so interesting that I though it was worth sharing the link. I love TOMS shoes. I love their mission and heart for helping the less fortunate through social entrepreneurship. TOMS saw a way to combine business with altruism. Is TOMS only a not-for-profit? Of course not! They are a business intended to make money. Does that make them evil? No. Without a profit they would be unable to provide numerous jobs, put shoes on barefoot children, and provide necessary eye-care to the blind and those with visual disturbances.Wall Street SignAfrican children

Has the recent TOMS’ business decision to partner with corporate America lessened their mission? As a medical provider and public health specialist who has a heart for international health care, I would say that we need more companies that are willing to create sustainable solutions for poverty, disease, and illness. I applaud grass-roots non-profits (I even volunteer with several), but even these groups need funding to make a difference.african children

Unfortunately, non-profits end up spending so much time trying to get their funding that they are unable to focus on their primary mission…helping the less fortunate or those in need of medical attention. Social entrepreneurship provides a way for non-profits to be sustainably funded…genius in my opinion. If TOMS can increase their altruistic reach and ONE for ONE impact by partnering with corporate America, maybe it is a smart move. Maybe we shouldn’t be too quick to judge but should instead wait and see what good their social entrepreneurship is about to do. I don’t hold any of the other shoe brands I wear to such a high moral standard…do you? Businessman standing on top of elephant balancing on a tightrope

Check out this great article from JoyCorps for more thoughts on the recent TOMS 50% buy-out by Bain Capital. Leave a comment here letting me know what you think!  http://joycorps.org/is-toms-selling-out/

Oh, and just because I love all of my fans…I’ve decided to do a TOMS shoes giveaway! Yep…free from me to your little one’s feet. A pair of pink Tiny TOMS Glitters could be all yours! Just leave a comment below with your thoughts on this article and then share it on your Facebook page. Oh, and make sure you click this link to enter your name to win. a Rafflecopter giveawayPinkTinyTOMSGlitterClassics-007013D11-PINK-H_1450x1015

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