Print them…frame them…give your memorable moments a place!!

We’ve all done it…had precious pictures taken and then left them captive on a flash drive or CD. Almost three years after my daughter’s newborn session (better late than never), and I’m finally willing myself to pick frames, prints, and yes, a full-blown wall gallery!!!!!!DSC_2709

Check out this milk coma. THE BEST! And, her wardrobe…styling was a little easier back then when naked was all the rage…for her of course!!! DSC_2655
The cheese cloth swaddles come in every color. This purple is perfection…plus it’s now her favorite color. Using our kitchen hutch for some of the shots, our living room, and our master bedroom ensured that these photos would fit in with our overall decor and design sense. I highly recommend doing newborn sessions in your home instead of the studio! DSC_2631


DSC_2637DSC_2676DSC_2682This is just a friendly reminder to print them…enjoy them…remember those moments every day! DSC_2688 DSC_2698DSC_2727DSC_2737


Photography by Amy at Portraiture Studio




Almost a Smash Cake: Baby Photos Made Easy

proof back of one year card uprightSmash cakes are a must for every first birthday party! Seeing the frosting smeared all over your child’s face and hands is priceless, and so are the pictures. But, if you are planning on going to a professional photo shoot for your child’s one year pictures, you may want to trade in the real for the fake. Yes, I said it…fake! Save the messy pictures for the party. Make your life easier and cleaner by using a realistic but fake cake or cupcake. This way you will get the shots that you really want at the beginning of the shoot.

Let me explain my rationale. Most photographers let you have several outfit changes for first year photos. However, they want to save the smash cake pictures for last for obvious reasons (it’s a mess!). By the time you have done three to four outfit changes and  countless poses, your little one is spent. A tired, frosting covered baby usually doesn’t make for a happy baby. And, while several grumpy shots are always fun to have, most parents also want the picture perfect birthday cake shot. By using a realistic but fake cake, you can start with smash cake pictures at the beginning of the shoot without any cleanup to worry about. That’s what we did with Ayla and it worked like a charm. No one even knew that the cake was fake…until now!

The quality of the fake cake does matter. We used a company called TheFakeCupCakery from Etsy. Larin, the owner actually custom creates based on your size, style, and color specifications. You have to make sure to give her a little lead time to get it made and shipped in time for your pictures-usually 5-6 weeks. Each cake is hand “frosted” and baked (sounds pretty real!) The end result…beautiful pictures, happy baby, and happy momma. Check out Ayla’s pictures and let me know what you think. If you are in the Indianapolis area, our photographer was Amy from Portraiture Studios.DSC_2801DSC_2805

From The Mom in Me, MD