The best baby pajamas: organic cotton and bamboo always felt this good!!

600 MA L

BabySoy Footed and Mitted Sleeper

I love Babysoy! Not only does this brand make some of the softest sleeper pajamas for babies, it’s also ecofriendly (babysoy pajamas are made from 50% organic cotton and 50% soybeans or cotton and 50% bamboo). Although I focus on the sleepers, this company also has super cute t-shirts, rompers, hats and more. Let me tell you the four reasons why I love these so much.

1. Eco-friendly


BabySoy Hat

I’ve already said it, but I will say it again. Babysoy uses organic cotton, soybeans, and bamboo! What a delicious combination for bundling up your little one. If you aren’t on the eco-friendly bandwagon quite yet…don’t fear…I have other reasons that you should love this brand’s products. Read On!

2. Super Cute500 OC L1

Just because something is organic, it doesn’t mean that it has to be plain. Nope, these jammies are super cute! Babysoy has teamed up with other artists and companies including Jane Goodall to produce adorable animal prints including kangaroos, bunnies, and Ink and Wit for some equally stylish animal scenes. 650 LY L


3. Great hand mitts

My daughter used to scratch her face to smithereens. Many of the common brand pajamas made for older infants don’t come with hand mitts, and the silly little mittens that are sold separately are a joke. By the time my daughter was just a few month old she had figured out the art of pulling those off in her sleep. The attached fold down hand mitts on these sleepers are much trickier to open! Haha! Tricky Mommy! Scratch free baby! 600 RP L

4. Extra Comfy

Because these products are made from cotton and soybeans or bamboo, they are incredibly soft. Your baby won’t have to wiggle to get comfortable. The fabric is anything but scratchy. To be honest, I’m a little jealous! 102CA L

Check them out and let me know what you think. They wash well, wear well, and are worth the price. If you are past the infant years…these make adorable baby gifts. Just pair it with a super cute organic teething ring or finger puppets! All of these images are taken directly from the Babysoy website where you can make your purchase. Amazon also sells this brand (for all of my Amazon Prime fans!)

From The Mom in Me, MD