Kids That Rock Music Giveaway from The Mom in Me, MD

Music is in the air this time of year! If you’re tired of hearing the same Disney tune over and over, again and again (need I go on!), then some new children’s music may be perfect for you. This music isn’t just written for children…it was written by children and even sung by the little song writers themselves!

Kids that Rock is an amazing performing arts program, launched 10 years ago in Troy, Michigan by Kensington Community Church. Not only is this program teaching kids the basics and beyond about vocal performance, drama, and dance; it is inspiring them to compose and create their own original pieces. How cool is that!Cute little boy with his old saxophone is sitting on a suitcase

Kids that Rock believes that every child should have the opportunity to shine and see their own potential, not just as an artist but as an individual. According to Renee Mulliniks, one of the program directors (and, one of my best friends!!! AKA she is amazing!) kids often come into the program not knowing that they are talented. Because they are given a safe environment to take risks in performance, their confidence increases and often their talent explodes-as evidenced by their recently released tracks now available on Amazon and i-tunes. Each term, the students are encouraged to write original content. Kids that Rock decided to do something a little differently in 2014-a children’s song writing competition. A panel of professional song writers and musicians chose the winners and then mentored them, creating some amazing music. A team of musicians then recorded the winning kids singing their own songs, The Beginning: Songs Written From Young Hearts!  home, leisure, new technology and music concept - smiling little

My daughter LOVES this music! She has been “singing” and dancing to the songs non-stop! I mean, even the Frozen soundtrack has become old news. The music does have a faith-based message, but don’t worry, it’s nothing like “Father Abraham” or “This Little Light of Mine.” If you are skeptical, head to Amazon and listen to a clip.

Kids that Rock has given The Mom in Me, MD FIVE giveaway CD’s for 5 fortunate winners, but even if you don’t win you can still download all of the songs on Amazon. All proceeds from the CD and downloadable song sales will go toward expanding the Kids that Rock program, providing scholarships for kids to attend the program, providing curriculum for arts based non-profits such as Urban Arts Outreach and inner-city public schools in Metro-Detroit, and helping Esthers Children in Brazil (a non-profit that helps rescue children out of sex trafficking). Kids that Rock is more than a performing arts program; It is a ministry dedicated to changing the lives of children-giving them hope, confidence, joy, and even a better future.little girl with violin jumping on a room with white bricks wall

Click this link for entry details The Beginning: Songs Written from Young Hearts Giveaway and click on the Amazon highlighted links above to preview the songs or purchase!