Priceless Tips for Creating a “Perfect” Home…Move Aside #Pinterest

My Confession

As a mom, a professional, and a wife I am constantly bombarded with reminders of my inability to keep a perfect home. Not only am I falling short, my daily life compared to Pinterest, InStyle Magazine, and Good House Keeping (just to name a few standards) suggests that I’m falling flat on my face! I wistfully glance at impeccably styled living rooms where curtains are hung at just the right hight, televisions are beautifully framed and mounted over a crackling fireplace, and dust is thought to be a myth. I stare at playroom inspiration boards perplexed by how the toys manage to magically stay in their cubbies, color coordinated and germ free. I feel the pressure to create a perfect home, to host perfect parties, to cook perfect meals, and to be perfectly organized. This pressure leaves me feeling irritable and defeated by the piles of laundry, the stacks of dishes, the dust bunnies under the beds, the crusty remnants of last night’s dinner glued to my hardwood floors (compliments of my 2-year-old), and the white walls waiting to be painted the perfect shade and adorned by the perfect picture. Am I the only one?Portrait Of Happy Young Couple Sitting On Floor Looking Up While

My Mommy Wake Up Call

I don’t live in a Pinterest perfect world. None of us do. So why as moms (when we are sleep deprived; covered in spit-up, or boogies, or poo {or all of the above}; lucky to get a shower three times a week; and attached to a piece of heavy machinery {aka a breast pump}, or a screaming little urchin, or a toddler in the middle of a melt-down…why do we hold ourselves to such unrealistic standards and expectations? Perfection may be attainable at some point (though I highly question anyone’s ability to have consistent perfection), but definitely not in a house with colicky infants, potty-training toddlers, and secondary infertility mothers undergoing IVF treatments…yet again.Mother holding her crying baby

When I think back to my childhood, my best memories are of moments we spent together in our tiny, one-bathroom home, sitting on an outdated couch while my mother read to us each evening, listening to my father’s voice sing me to sleep while we rocked in a hand-me-down chair, finger painting with shaving cream on an old glass tabletop, and making homemade noodles on a laminate counter-top. I love these moments not because the decor was on-trend or the living room was free of clutter; I love these moments because they were filled with love. There is nothing wrong with visual beauty, a clean home, or a designer kitchen; but, when these become the focal point instead of the people, then a house is just a house and no longer a home.Lovely mother and daughter feeding gooses on the lake

Instead of focusing on perfecting the appearance of our homes, what would things look like if we focused on perfecting the tone or feeling that our homes exude? Where does that perfect tone come from in the first place…the marble countertops and stainless steel appliances? Of course not, it comes from us. It comes from our tensionless smiles that greet our husbands and children when they walk through the front door. It comes from the time that we spend playing with them when we could be doing a thousand “more productive” things.

Is my home more than just a place of physical beauty? Is it filled with love that I have fashioned out of time spent, hugs given, kisses planted, and hope served? Is it a place of comfort, where pillows are playfully thrown instead of perfectly placed; clean (or dirty) laundry is left piled so that puzzle pieces can be carefully matched by my guiding hand. Is it a place of creativity where glitter glue (smeared on just about EVERYTHING) is seen as a touch of sparkly beauty; and a place of imagination where stuffed bunnies, bears, and wooden dogs are allowed to host tea parties in every room all at the same time? Is it a place of peace, where the tone in our voices fills the imperfect and toy cluttered rooms with a beautiful warmth, a warmth that even the most perfect of pinable pictures can’t capture?summer holidays, family, children and people concept - happy mot

And, so, I’ve decided to give myself a break from unrealistic expectations. I like the idea of a gorgeous house that is always immaculate, but I LOVE the idea of a warm home that is filled with love, laughter, faith, and hope. I want my daughter to value the most important things in life-things that can’t be bought, styled or baked-things that can only be cultivated by time spent together. I want my daughter to value generosity, kindness, compassion, honesty and humility. I want her to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. I want her to know that our home is a safe place to be imperfect and vulnerable-a place to grow into something better.Business man house in human hands

My Mommy Aha’s and Resolutions

So, in an effort to keep my sanity and to let myself off of the hook a little more, I’ve created a list of Aha ‘s and Resolutions for this coming year. Check it out HERE!