3 Mix and Match Tips with High and Low Prices…to Look Fabulous!

IMG_7405Everyone is on a budget, and anyone who says they aren’t should be! That’s where mixing and matching the high and low becomes your best fashion friend. My budget doesn’t allow for Tory Burch or Louis Vuitton head to toe. Instead, I have to do a little sprinkling of these pricy brands. Good news is…one designer item can make your whole outfit look expensive (even if most of it is from the resale shop). Here are a few tips to help you look fab on a budget that only allows for infrequent designer splurges!

1. Put Your Money Where Your Accessories Are!IMG_7424

I’ve found that accessories tend to stay in style long after clothing. Purchasing a designer fashion purse, scarf, or piece of jewelry will make your “pretty” dollar last quite a while longer. This doesn’t mean that you should purchase a neon Chloe bag! Choose a Chloe bag in a more neutral tone that you will be able to carry for years to come. If you really need an 80’s inspired neon purse…buy an off brand! When choosing scarves, choose something in a trendy pattern but classic color scheme. This will last you a lot longer as well. I love buying fun shoes! These dress up any outfit, and a cute pair of Tory Burch sandals can steal the show! The nice thing is that you can wear a designer pair of shoes with 1000 different outfits! Definitely your money’s worth.

2. Buy Inexpensive Staples

No one will ever be able to tell the difference between a Marc Jacobs black maxi skirt and a nice but inexpensive one from Target. If you don’t believe me…test it out on your friends. Yes, some cheap purchases fall apart in two washes so you need to be careful to choose items that are made from decent materials. Just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean that it has to be a piece of junk. Choose your cheap items carefully. Check the stitching to make sure that it is sewn straight and won’t fray on the first wear. Try it on for comfort and fit. If it doesn’t flatter your shape…DON’T BUY IT JUST BECAUSE IT’S IN STYLE! You can find ways to be trendy without sabotaging your figure.

3. Mixing and Matching Expensive with Inexpensive Upgrades the Whole Outfit.

Now that you have your designer accessories and your inexpensive staples, mix them all together to get a complete look. You don’t have to shop designer to look designer. Many stores sell great high-fashion trends at inexpensive prices. My one word of warning is this…don’t get sucked into knock-off/fake purchases. It is tempting to buy a knock-off Louis Vuitton online or while traveling abroad. DON’T DO IT! These bags are black market and often linked to human trafficking and child labor! Fashion should never come at the cost of another’s life! Save for the real deal, or be content without it. Remember…a purse is just a purse no matter who made it (I can’t believe I just wrote that!)

On a lighter note…let’s take a look at my outfit from last Saturday. I had a laid back day, but didn’t want to hang out in my Pilates clothes. Instead, I opted for a comfy black maxi skirt, a tank, and some fun accessories. Here’s my laid back outfit from this past Saturday. Can you tell what’s pricy and what isn’t? IMG_7419

Okay, I will share my secrets. Starting from the bottom…I love my Tory Burch sandals. These are pricy, but comfy and gorgeous! Because they are made from snake-skin they can be worn with black, grey, brown, white…you name it! The Tory Burch logo on the front solidly lets everyone know that they are designer. The black maxi skirt is BCBG…just kidding…I don’t even know where I got it! I think I snatched it up for less than $15. The tank is from Nordstrom Rack, again less than $15. On my wrists I have a thick bangle that I snagged for less than $30 while in a Miami boutique. The leather and metal bracelet looks like one I saw in Tori Burch, but instead of $80 I picked this one up for $12 dollars at a trendy local boutique in Indiana, Karisma. The necklace was $25 (again from Karisma). The bag…okay, don’t be jealous…this is a leather Valentino bag with metal plate on front and matching leather wallet inside. I’m not sure I could have ever brought myself to spent how much this bag retails for. I actually found it at Nordstrom Rack in Naples, Florida! Because the metal plate had one tiny little scratch on it I paid less than a 1/4 of the asking price. The scarf on my head is indeed Louis Vuitton. No discount there, but I didn’t buy it…Christmas gift last year!

Have fun with what you can afford. If you do have the luxury of a splurge, first look for it at places like Nordstrom Rack or similar outlets. They often carry designer at a fraction of the price. Why spend more if you don’t have too. For more fun fashion tips stay tuned!

From The Mom in Me, MD