Ayla’s Nursery…Restoration Hardware Baby Style

It has been two years, and I have yet to complete Ayla’s nursery-I’m cutting myself a little bit of slack since we did move houses when she was only ten months old! Choosing what to put on the walls and committing to it with a nail and hammer is my last step. For some reason, wall decor always holds me up. Putting a nail in the wall seems so permanent. What if I choose the wrong location? What if I decide to rearrange her furniture? What if I find a painting that I like just a little bit more? Not that you care about my home decorating weakness, but wall decor is definitely my Achilles heel.

Although I may not have anything hanging on the walls yet…everything else is in its perfect place. All of the walls are painted a very pale pink except for one light grey accent wall where her crib is positioned. Pretty pink and grey pillows are stacked on her rocker, and a pink and white rocking horse vase sits on her nightstand. A vintage style wooden rabbit peaks at her from the dresser top. Her lamps, a dark rot iron to match the handles on her dresser, add just a touch of ambiance in the evening. And, who could forget her oversized Little Giraffe! This was the first stuffed animal that her daddy ever bought her…yes, I’m a touch sentimental.

If you are getting ready to start your nursery or are looking to add to it, I though I would inspire you with my picks for Ayla’s room. Click on the hyperlinks to find the products. Oh, and since most items came from Restoration Hardware Baby, you may want to check out their current sale! It’s an extra 10% off of final sale items with the promotional code¬†EXTRA10.¬†


These are just some of the items in Ayla’s room. We also have an oversized cream stuffed rocking chair and foot stool that I love from Buy Buy Baby…the most comfy that I found. Make sure to purchase one with a back high enough to support your head!

As always, I’d love to get your feedback and your nursery pics and ideas!

From The Mom in Me, MD