Cinderella might be a little jealous…

We are into week three of ballet classes right now, and Ayla is loving it! She doesn’t quite have the enchante or plie down yet, but her twirling is fabulous. This mommy is loving it too…an hour of time where someone other than me is coming up with the activity!photo 2

Gymnastics, which is her absolute FAVORITE, is creating a slight amount of confusion. On Mondays, Ayla is encouraged to hang on the gymnastics bar for as long as her little hands can grip (about 3-5 seconds!) On Tuesdays, in ballet class, hanging onto the bar puts a little one’s tutulicious hiney on the most wanted ballarenia list. Ah, so much to sort through as a 2-year-old.IMG_7708

While some moms love mommy-and-me classes (myself included) others find playdates sufficient. To each their own, but I’m loving the time that we spend together being ACTIVE. I’m also loving the structure and discipline that Ayla is learning from someone other than just me. Waiting in line is becoming more of a norm. Listening and following instructions is expected, and she rises to the occasion each class. Of course she isn’t perfect…what 2 year old is? Even today we had a melt-down over taking off her Tutu du Monde Sparkle and Fade ballet slippers (which were really meant for her upcoming Christmas pictures, but that I just couldn’t keep in the box). I can’t blame her. They are stunning. I think even Cinderella might be a little jealous of these sparkly slippers. I know this mama was!IMG_7710

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