12 Things Parents Say That Could Be Putting Their Children In Danger…have any of these slipped from your lips?

When I hear comments like these on a routine basis from good intentioned (but unfortunately naive) moms and dads, I can’t help but cringe. Infant and toddler car seat safety is NO JOKE! This time of year (and anytime of year) with slippery roads, holiday traffic, and countless distractions…making sure that your little ones are safely secured in the car could SAVE THEIR LIVES!

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12 Things Parents Say That Could Be Putting Their Children in Danger: 

1. “Turn it around sooner if they are crying!”

2. “Does the middle seat really matter that much?”

3. “What are the odds that my child is actually going to be injured in a car accident?”

4. “Do the straps really have to be that tight? I don’t want to crush her!”

5. “A new car seat is too expensive. I’m sure the one I grabbed from the garage sale is fine, right?”

6. “Do I really need to register a car seat for recalls?”

7. “It’s too cold to take off her coat in the car, and I never have time to warm it up before we leave. It should be fine, right?”

8. “I don’t have time to read the instruction manual. I can figure out how to install the car seat on my own.”

9. “I don’t need to have someone double check my car seat installation. I know what I’m doing!”

10. “I need to use extra positioners to keep him safe in his carseat.”

11. “I always make sure that she is bundled up in a fluffy coat or snow suit before I put her in her car seat. I want her to be extra warm in the car.”

12. “I’ve always just ignored the long strap on the back of the car seat. Buckling into the side hooks seems to secure it just fine.”Toy Cars Crashed

If any of these statements sound familiar…Click HERE for more detailed information on Car Seat Safety Recommendations.


This list isn’t meant to bash you upside the head, but it is meant to raise your awareness on some common car seat safety misconceptions. As a parent, protecting your child is always in the forefront of your mind. Make sure that you are doing all that you can to protect your child if a car accident were to happen. Your child is your most precious cargo…handle with extreme care!