9 Maternity Clothes Tips and Tricks for Every Fashionable Momma

Happy Young Funny Pregnant WomanExcited at the thought of being pregnant, I went a tad overboard on my maternity clothes. The idea of a new wardrobe dedicated to my changing body and the baby growing inside of me sent me into a shopping tailspin. Now, looking through my piles of maternity clothes (and, wondering if I will ever want to wear them again), I decided to share some tips to look amazing while sticking to a budget. Here are my 9 tips and tricks for every fashionable momma!

  1. Raid Your Closet First (with a belt in hand)

You may be surprised by what you already have in your own closet. Recent styles have included looser shirts and blouses. Using a thin belt, you can easily create an umpire waist effect with these flowy tops. This look can be very flattering for your stylish baby bump.

  1. Buy for Comfort and then Style

Although I am a fan of style, an uncomfortable pregnant momma is an unhappy pregnant momma. This doesn’t mean that you should wear baggy sweat pants and oversized t-shirts, but you should try everything on before you buy it. If it doesn’t feel good for the three minutes that you have it on in the store, it isn’t going to feel comfy for a full 16-hour day.  News Flash…you are only going to get bigger and things are only going to get tighter. If it’s uncomfy at your current size, it’s only going to feel worse in a month or two. Buy what you like and what makes you feel pretty, but remember to keep comfort in mind.

  1. Spend “More” Only on the Essentials You Will Wear Everyday

If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, consider putting that money into the staple items that you will want to wear regularly. From my experience, if you buy a good pair of leggings, they will probably last throughout your entire pregnancy rather than falling apart after 30 washes.  These are my top picks for essentials:

  1. Leggings
  2. Jeans
  3. Versatile dress (black or a solid color with a simple style)Miracle expectation
  1. Don’t Spend on Trend

Many a maternity dollar is wasted on passing fashion trends. Let your accessories create your trend. Fill your closet with the staple items listed above, along with timeless pieces. That way, if you get pregnant again, you will still want to wear the maternity clothes you already own. And, if you want to consign them, your items will fly off the rack.

  1. Mix and Match

It is amazing how many different “looks” you can create with just a few items. You can transform a dress by changing the jewelry, adding a blazer or a belt, or by simply switching out your shoes and purse. Many items can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and the occasion. Get creative. Take a Saturday afternoon to stand in front of the mirror trying things out. The number of new outfits that you create may surprise you!

  1. Use Accessories to Your Advantage

I already alluded to the fact that accessories can be your best friend. A slim belt can flatter you baby bump, and a beautiful scarf can make even a simple dress look boho chiq. Necklaces and bangles have the ability to transform any outfit. And, shoes…do I have to say more! Again, be willing to experiment with jewelry. The nice thing is that you will still be able to wear your maternity accessories after you deliver! These purchases will stay in your closet instead of ending up in a box in the basement.

  1. Tight Can Actually Be More Flattering

Although many women are unsure of their expanding bodies, tight clothing can actually be very flattering (if it is tight in the right places and made of decent material). You want to show off your baby bump! Find shirts and dresses that draw positive attention to your bump. You don’t want to wear something too flowly that leaves people wondering if you are pregnant or not. Make it clear that you are growing a baby!Beautiful eight months pregnant blond woman with curly hair in a

  1. Look in the Non-Maternity Section

Although many women are excited to shop in the Maternity department, be willing to look in the stores that you usually like as well. You may be able to find some great items that will accommodate your belly but at a much better price.

  1. Allow Yourself a Pity Splurge

When I was pregnant, I had many a moment when I hated my new body. I was unsure of my shape and unhappy with my closet options. I now blame it on hormones, but if you are feeling plain old huge, giving yourself some retail therapy may do just the trick. Every pregnant momma wants to look beautiful. Finding a new dress or top that makes you feel comfortable with your changing shape may be just what the doctor ordered!

By using these 9 tips and tricks, I guarantee that you will be one fashionable pregnant momma who still has some pennies to spare for baby clothes!

From The Mom in Me, MD