Mae Li Rose Toddler Girl Giveaway from The Mom in Me, MD

If you haven’t heard of Mae Li Rose yet…then you’re in for a treat! Mae Li Rose is a girls’ clothing company that isn’t afraid of bows, ruffles, and ribbons. And, while they love to embellish…their super stylish leggings, tutu skirts, sweat shirts, and dresses aren’t over the top in design or price. Instead they resemble the look of a laid back ballerina. Soft jerseys, knits, and cottons make this dressed-up line perfect for everyday play wear or special occasions; and, most of the pieces are made to be mixed and matched! I love the versatility. Soft pinks, peaches, creams, and navy make up the fabulous color scheme of this season’s collection. I’m already imagining great snow angel pictures with Mae Li Roses’s new ivory leg warmer leggings (A definite MUST HAVE that I’ve already hung in Ayla’s closet).Check out some of these photos taken directly from the Mae Li Rose website. What’s not to love? 4f6e64692f8645aab935240da34ba1bd0cff3eabb97ee5cbe8a6d80fabc94618cb384d0429050cb1a61b816a6d28627745de0d15eae3693695a64c2fdf69f8a3

My mother has amazing taste, and when she showed up at my door step with the super cute, navy, gold and cream scalloped ensemble I got a little giddy! So giddy, that when Mae Li Rose asked which outfit I would like to use as a giveaway, I knew that this was the one. Ayla packed this outfit for our trip to France and wore it while we were in Versailles. It does run a smidge small, FYI, so I would consider sizing up. The navy color is perfect for pictures and for play! It doesn’t show dirt!!! We paired the outfit with a headband from one of my favorite Etsy boutiques.DSC07484DSC07351

My sister has superb taste as well, and she too gifted Ayla with an adorable LOVE sweatshirt and some butterfly leggings. Just so that I could mix and match a little more, I purchased a bow zip up sweat shirt, lace leggings, and the leg warmer leggings that I already mentioned. I couldn’t stop there…so I added the peach and gold flower leggings with a matching lace overlay skirt.



Trendy boutique brands seem to be popping up everywhere, but MaeLi Rose clothing captures the sweetness of childhood. Each of our little girls is amazingly precious; MaeLi Rose manages to bring out the precious and make it look just a little more delicious. Check out some new pics from their upcoming Spring/Summer Collection, and visit their website to find a boutique or online vendor near you. Oh, and don’t forget to ENTER TO WIN this full outfit! Simply Click here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure you invite a friend to like The Mom in Me, MD on Facebook and don’t forget to share this giveaway blog on the social media site of your choosing. I’m not picky! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…or, ALL OF THE ABOVE:) Oh, and Mae Li Rose didn’t influence my opinion. I’m always inclined to have a mind of my own on fashion and everything else! They did, however, generously donate the giveaway items. Just another reason to like them a little more!DSC07457






Avry Couture Creations’ Vintage Princess Crown Giveaway…Hosted by The Mom in Me, MD

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess one day. A glass slipper, an enchanted kiss, a knight in shining armor…all essential, but the crowning glory is well…the crown. And, since the fairy tales of childhood last for such a short time, we must indulge our little girl’s fantasies now, before the clock strikes midnight.Ballet, ballerina - young and beautiful ballet dancer

I have loved the vintage inspired headbands from Avry Couture Creations for some time now. I even included this online shop in a recent blog post review, Babylicous Hair Bows. As I was looking for a birthday crown to match my daughter’s fancy dress for pictures, I happened to notice that Avry Couture Creations also makes several different styles of crowns! I was sold at first sight. DSC08150 DSC08151DSC08152

While the Glitter Birthday Crown was perfect for smash cake photos (and daily wear of course), the Vintage Cake Crown was just as cute and could easily be thrown in a suitcase without being damaged. It could even be folded! Perfect! My daughter’s crown needed to make it to Paris and back in an overstuffed suitcase. I didn’t want to take something that could get smooshed during the journey. Nothing is worse than a crumpled crown! I also wanted to make sure that it fit my daughter’s head. Solution…a crown that ties in the back with a ribbon. Yep, an adjustable crown. Perfect for your growing princess.DSC08178

Devon from Avry Couture Creations was kind enough to overnight me a gorgeous crown to use for our Paris pictures, free of charge. Don’t worry, she didn’t have to twist my arm to get me to say nice things about it. Like I said before, “Love at First Sight!” And, because I know that you all have little princesses in the making, I thought it might be nice for one of you to give it a royal home.DSC08179 DSC08180 DSC08181

Yes…the GIVEAWAY starts now! Make sure to enter here before your carriage becomes a pumpkin…the clock is ticking! You must leave a comment on this blog post AND you must share this blog on either Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to qualify. Click here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. FOR MORE GREAT GIVEAWAYS CLICK ON THE GIVEAWAY TAB ON THE HOME PAGE.

Congrats Sharla!!!!!! You have won!!!!

For more amazing headpieces and accessories from Avry Couture Creations, click on the hyperlinks above. Devon will even customize to match your colors!





Tiny TOMS shoe Giveaway from The Mom in Me, MD

photoTiny shoes are just so cute! Little feet are even cuter. I’ve always been a fan of TOMS shoes for myself, but when I saw their baby and toddler line I was in love. From graphic prints and trendy colors to glitter…Tiny TOMS are as stylish as they come. Not only are they stylish…each pair sold helps another child in need. That’s right, TOMS’ social entrepreneurship model has been promoting the “One for One” concept for the past several years. For every pair of shoes that TOMS sells, they give a pair away to a child in need. More recently they have even branched out into sunglasses and fair trade coffee. So in addition to having your shoes make a difference…so can your morning cup of Jo and your shades. The sunglass line provides glasses and vision restoring surgeries in developing countries, and the fair trade coffee line provides clean water.Little African Girl At Wooden Fence With Thumbs Up.

Yes, TOMS is a business that wants to make a profit…but isn’t that the point of business? The difference with TOMS is that giving is part of their core. A business with true core values intended to help the less fortunate both in the US and in developing countries is incredibly refreshing. Because of TOMS, many other companies built on the fair trade and giving back model are emerging. Noonday Jewelry Collection is another example of how our dollar can significantly impact those struggling to emerge from poverty.Friends without shoes together, summer, group of children

So why not introduce your little one to the concept of giving back right now! I’m about to make it incredibly easy for you! That’s right…The Mom in Me, MD is giving away a pair of TINY TOMS Size 5! Sorry, boys, these are for the girls. Make sure to leave a comment below and share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter to qualify to win. But, FIRST, you need to click on this link to register to win. a Rafflecopter giveaway  Check out the giveaway picture below, taken from the TOMS shoes webpage. Oh, and don’t forget to click on the hyperlinks above for more helpful insights and shopping opportunities!


From The Mom in Me, MD



Little Giraffe and my Tiny Preemie: Discount Code Included for your own Little Giraffe Shopping Spree

Newborn baby boy covered in vertix inside incubatorI have mentioned before that Little Giraffe is one of my favorite baby/child luxury lines. From their stuffed animals to their bath towels…they are the best! My daughter, Ayla’s, very first stuffed animal was the GIANT (not Little as the company name implies) plush pink, grey, and white giraffe. My husband bought her for our preemie daughter while we were living in the hospital neonatal intensive care unit. Sophie (that is what we lovingly named our pet giraffe) stayed in the NICU with us for those trying nine long weeks. She moved around the room, sometimes even stealing the nurses’ work station seat at the computer, adding beauty and laughter to an otherwise stressful situation.Iphone 1944

When our daughter was able to safely be held outside of her incubator, one of her early pictures taken by one of our AMAZING night shift nurses (Chelsea you rock!) was in the arms of her Little Giraffe. At 3 lbs. 2 ounces, our daughter’s tiny size was even more profound in comparison to her plush friend. Over the past two years we have continued to take pictures of Ayla in the arms of her Little Giraffe. I am blessed to say that she is now almost as big as Sophie! I never thought a stuffed animal could be so sentimental…but, our Little Giraffe is more than just the cutest plush you’ve ever seen. To this day, Sophie still sits beside my daughter’s crib as a reminder of all of our answered prayers.994389_627788507281149_541333443_n

So, yes, I have a soft spot for the Little Giraffe company, and I tend to agree with the Company of the Year Earnie Award that they just received. Since they are so excited about their award they decided to invite us to the party!!! Yep, you guessed it, they have a special discount code offering 15% off of their entire online store until November 1, 2014. This never happens! Simply enter LOVEWINS14 at checkout to get the discount.

If you missed my previous review of their bath products…click HERE to get up to splashing speed! Happy shopping…even if it is just window shopping (that’s what I do most of the time:)

From the Mom in Me, MD


TOMS Shoes…Corporate Sell Out or Praise Worthy Vision?

I haven’t reblogged anyone’s content on my page before, but I found this article from JoyCorps so interesting that I though it was worth sharing the link. I love TOMS shoes. I love their mission and heart for helping the less fortunate through social entrepreneurship. TOMS saw a way to combine business with altruism. Is TOMS only a not-for-profit? Of course not! They are a business intended to make money. Does that make them evil? No. Without a profit they would be unable to provide numerous jobs, put shoes on barefoot children, and provide necessary eye-care to the blind and those with visual disturbances.Wall Street SignAfrican children

Has the recent TOMS’ business decision to partner with corporate America lessened their mission? As a medical provider and public health specialist who has a heart for international health care, I would say that we need more companies that are willing to create sustainable solutions for poverty, disease, and illness. I applaud grass-roots non-profits (I even volunteer with several), but even these groups need funding to make a difference.african children

Unfortunately, non-profits end up spending so much time trying to get their funding that they are unable to focus on their primary mission…helping the less fortunate or those in need of medical attention. Social entrepreneurship provides a way for non-profits to be sustainably funded…genius in my opinion. If TOMS can increase their altruistic reach and ONE for ONE impact by partnering with corporate America, maybe it is a smart move. Maybe we shouldn’t be too quick to judge but should instead wait and see what good their social entrepreneurship is about to do. I don’t hold any of the other shoe brands I wear to such a high moral standard…do you? Businessman standing on top of elephant balancing on a tightrope

Check out this great article from JoyCorps for more thoughts on the recent TOMS 50% buy-out by Bain Capital. Leave a comment here letting me know what you think!

Oh, and just because I love all of my fans…I’ve decided to do a TOMS shoes giveaway! Yep…free from me to your little one’s feet. A pair of pink Tiny TOMS Glitters could be all yours! Just leave a comment below with your thoughts on this article and then share it on your Facebook page. Oh, and make sure you click this link to enter your name to win. a Rafflecopter giveawayPinkTinyTOMSGlitterClassics-007013D11-PINK-H_1450x1015

From The Mom in Me, MD

Matilda Jane Giveaway…along with some free MJ styling tips!

I noticed that so many little girls were walking around in fluttery, ruffle pants; mix and match fabric dresses; and over the top ensembles. I hadn’t seen these outfits in any of the traditional department stores, but I loved their Anthropology like whimsy. When Ayla was just 6 months old, I was invited to a Matilda Jane trunk show. Aha! So this is where all of these moms were finding the boho cuteness. I was a little disappointed to find that the MJ styles don’t start until 12 months of age, so I decided to hold out until my daughter was a little bigger. Well, she’s bigger now! Let the shopping begin!

Little did I know how intense (and slightly ruthless) moms can be until I joined a Matilda Jane resale page! Saving a buck or two is always a good idea, but I’m not sure it was worth losing my sanity. So back to retail prices and traditional sales for me…for the most part. I do love a good deal, and Matilda Jane is just so cute!Diptic

While Matilda Jane may seem a little over the top to some of you, I wanted to point out that you can definitely create an awesome (but more toned down) look for your daughter by pairing one MJ piece with other more traditional items. Some of you may love the head to toe MJ look…and that’s great too. To each her own! If budget is a major concern, purchasing one versatile MJ piece can actually stretch your dollar a long way. Many Matilda Jane items are meant to be layered, can be worn as a dress or a shirt (as your daughter gets taller), and can be paired with less expensive items such as $3 leggings or $5 long-sleeved shirts from thriftier stores. So here are my MJ fashion tips:Diptic

1. Purchase a Knot Dress.

These dresses are very generous and can grow with your child. You can adjust the length of the straps and because they are somewhat wide they look equally cute as a shirt as your daughter gets taller.

2. Skip on the Bennys or Wide Ruffle Pants if you like a more toned down look.

I was a little hesitant about the wide leg ruffle pants layered with the mix and match shirts and striped shirts, but many moms love this look. If you like a more tailored look simply skip on the Bennys and wide ruffle pants. Instead, opt for a skinny legging or a pair of more neutral tights. This simple trick will give you a super cute look that may feel a little less “clown like.” Sorry! I had to say it. I think they are cute, but the look does have a somewhat circus inspired feel:)photo 3

3. Buy something that you can use for multiple seasons.

I’ve already mentioned that the Knot dress is great because it can grow with your daughter. It can also be used for multiple seasons!! In the winter, fall, and spring, simply layer the dress over a long sleeved shirt (this doesn’t have to be Matilda Jane-you can pick an inexpensive one up anywhere). In the summer, skip on the undershirt and you have a great sundress. Other great season stretchers are head bands and ruffle socks. These aren’t quite as pricy and can be worn pretty much year 4

4. Fake the look with one traditional MJ item

If you don’t want to spend the money for a knot dress, instead pick a simple staple that has the MJ signature look. Buy a pair of the ruffle pants or one of the long-sleeved shirts with the ruffled arms. Layering these items with an off brand dress will still have the same fun MJ effect.

5. Shoes matter

To complete your look, whether more tailored or over the top, choose the right pair of shoes. My favorite shoes to partner with Matilda Jane are either Livie and Luca or See Kai Run. Check out the hyperlinks for more about these great brands and for ways to purchase. Not only are these shoes beautiful, colorful, and stylish, they are comfortable for your little one’s 5

Okay, that’s it for my free fashion tips. Now I’m onto the REAL FREE STUFF! Just because I think every little girl should have some whimsy in her wardrobe….I’ve decided to do a Matilda Jane Giveaway!!!!! Check out this Rafflecopter link to Enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway shirt is featured here with all of the bubbles! It will be a size 6. Diptic

Don’t worry, if you don’t win you can still purchase some new Matilda Jane. The first Fall line was released early August and then another in September, but October 2nd marked the next new Fall release! You can purchase from The Mom in Me, MD hosted trunk show! Here are the details.

1) Go to​ to start browsing.

2) The new Fall/Sept Release is on the left hand side of the page. You can of course shop any collection!

3) Add items that you want to the WISH LIST TAB- this is sort of like a cart

4) email the wish list to my trunk keeper:– please make sure to include your preferred email address, your name and phone number

5) Make Sure to Include My Name as Your Host: EMMA HOSTETTER or THE MOM IN ME, MD

6) My trunk keeper, Alicia will reply that she has received your wish list and will then confirm payment and shipping information.

Happy Shopping!!!!!!

From The Mom in Me, MD





Noonday Jewelry Giveaway…

Almost every girl loves jewelry! A statement necklace, simple stud earring, or layered set of bangles-each has the potential to perfectly complete or transform your outfit. What if in addition to adding beauty to your wardrobe, your jewelry could improve the quality of life for other women and their children? “Fashion that creates economic opportunity for the vulnerable”…that is the mission at Noonday Collection. If your jewelry could fight against poverty and injustice, wouldn’t that make everyone feel a little more beautiful…on the inside and out?photo 4 photo 3

Last year I commented on a friend’s necklace. It was gorgeous! The story behind it was even more breath taking. I then learned that Noonday Collection works with 2000 artisans in over 10 underdeveloped countries, providing them with a fair wage and an opportunity to provide for their families. In one country, jewelry is made by a group of “outcast” HIV positive men and women who find a new sense of dignity when they are given a job, a fair wage, and medications to treat their illness. Artillery is melted down and turned into masterful pieces of art, taking something meant for evil and turning it into something beautiful…what a gorgeous concept!photo 2photo 3

When fashion can improve lives by putting food on the table, placing orphans in loving homes, and empowering women through meaningful and fair employment who wouldn’t want to spend their money where it makes a significant difference. For more about the Noonday Collection story, check out their website. Each piece of jewelry has a unique story. Each story is attached to a life impacted by this organization.


AURORA WRAP BRACELET hand made in Kenya from glass beads and adorned with the Noonday Collection charm. GORGEOUS and FREE for one special winner!

Just because Noonday Collection is so amazing, one of their ambassadors, Tasha, has agreed to team up with The Mom in Me, MD for a free giveaway! She didn’t have to twist my arm. I love the jewelry…and can’t wait to start shopping! Although I would love for all of you to win the gorgeous Aurora Wrap Bracelet that Tasha has so generously gifted…I’ve only got one to share. However, you can do some of your own shopping now and here’s how. IMG_4238Try to get your shopping in by this Monday, September 1, 2014 using my name Emma Hostetter-Hall while my trunk show is open. If you miss that deadline…don’t worry, you can still make purchases at anytime through Tasha at this link

Happy shopping and good luck with the giveaway! Click on the link below for giveaway entry details.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

From The Mom in Me, MD

Livie and Luca Giveaway…

photo 4As you many have noticed by now…I love shoes! Baby and toddler shoes are my favorite. I’ve already ranted and raved about Livie and Luca in a recent blog, and now I’ve decided to give you a chance to win a pair of their OH SO CUTE shoes!photo 1

photo 3This giveaway only applies to those with little girls who will be needing a size 4! Long story short…bought these for my daughter…lost them for a month…bought a replacement pair…found lost pair 2 days later in our house…daughter’s foot grew! So, I just repurchased same shoe (for the third time) but now in a size 5!!!! NUTTY MOMMY!

Click this link to enter the giveaway and for more details! a Rafflecopter giveaway SORRY EVERYONE!!! GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Winner has been contacted and shoes have been shipped! Check the Blog Giveaway tab to see if any other giveaways are currently open.

photophoto 2

From The Mom in Me, MD

Trip to Paris Sweepstakes…Oh La La!

I selfishly thought about keeping this to myself-in an effort to increase my odds of winning-but the nicer side of me decided to share the inside scoop…World Market has a TRIP TO PARIS Sweepstakes going on right now. Not only will the winner get free airfare, they will also get culinary lessons, a free hotel stay, dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower, and a dinner cruise on the Le Seine-all this for two. DSC01105

Lately, I’ve been craving Paris-a walk in the park, a view of a ferris wheel, a macaroon from Laduree. Who knows…maybe I will win! Or, maybe it will be YOU. If so, I’d like to be your plus one…pretty please! Click the hyperlink above for entry details. Ends this week!


au revoir,

From The Mom in Me, MD

Retro Toy Cooktops that can Play Anywhere…giveaway details included

photo 2Recently, Green Toys was generous enough to ship me two of their new retro toy cooktops (One for a giveaway, and another for my daughter, Ayla, to play with). These cooktops are too cool! Not only are they super cute…they are incredibly practical for play. Because of their small size, they can go anywhere! Ayla has used hers in her playroom, her bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, the grass, and the car. These cooktops are a great toy option for road trips. Because they don’t take up much room, these can be thrown in the trunk and then pulled out for play in any hotel room or lobby. Bring along a pan and a spoon and you are good to go!photo 4

In addition to being travel friendly, the Green Toy Retro Cooktop is dishwasher safe-perfect for any mom who doesn’t want any extra hand-washing (that would be this mama!) I love this company because their mission is to provide children with safe and eco-friendly toys. All of their products are made from either recycled or eco-friendly materials…the cooktop included. Check out these products on their website for more details and to purchase. They come in both pink and aqua. If you are interested in winning a free cooktop…click the link below for giveaway entry details. Who wouldn’t want a free toy! Although I was given both of these cooktops free of charge, all of my opinions are always my own!

a Rafflecopter giveaway SORRY EVERYONE!! GIVEAWAY ENDED!

From The Mom in Me, MD