Hot Apple Chai…Look out Apple Cider! There’s a Delicious New Drink in Town!

Before you get too cozy with your hot apple cider, cinnamon spiced cider, or pumpkin spice latte…take one sip of this! I promise you won’t be disappointed. HOT APPLE CHAI!!!! For those of you who don’t frequent coffee shops, you can make this in the comfort of your home.Happy Smiling Young Woman Eating Organic Apple in the Orchard.Ba

If you are a Starbucks addict…here’s how to order!

Starbucks had a similar drink a while ago called the Apple Chai Infusion. The only problem was that they infused a little too much chai (in my opinion). It isn’t on the menu any longer and my ratios are much tastier. Here is how to order. “Hello, my friendly barista! I would love a Tall steamed apple juice with 2 pumps of chai, extra hot.” If you are looking for something a little bigger…”I would love a Grande steamed apple juice with three pumps of chai extra hot.” Skip the whip!!! Not worth the calories.SCARSDALE, NY - SEPTEMBER 15, 2013: A tall Starbucks coffee in f

If you plan on making this at home, this is what you will need to make one serving:

12 ounces of apple juice per serving-heat on the stove top

Chai syrup-2 pumps per 12 ounces of apple juice. You can find this on Amazon at this link ToraniĀ® Chai Tea Spice Syrup

Simply heat your apple juice to desired warmth and then add in the chai. Stir. Pour into your favorite mug. Sip. Do a happy dance, and then get cozy by the fireplace.

Try it out and leave me a comment with your thoughts!Coffee Cup On Twilight Background

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