Emma Leigh Hostetter, MD, MPH, MOMMY


As a family physician, public health specialist, infertility patient, preeclampsia survivor, and mom to a preemie, I decided that it was time to share my insights with other women struggling with similar life experiences and health related issues. My personal experiences as a patient ensure that I bring the “human” factor rather than just medical knowledge to my advice. The Mom in Me, MD is a blog dedicated to educating women about relevant and sensitive health topics; empowering them in their own journeys through infertility, pregnancy, motherhood, and illness; and inspiring them to advocate for their own health and that of their children. Whether the “mom in you,” is longing for a child, is striving to be the best mother possible, or is looking to improve your own health, The Mom in Me, MD has something to offer.IMG_0591

Putting my healthcare interests aside, the girl in me loves fashion, home decor, fitness, and cooking yummy food! The mommy in me is inspired by great baby fashion, children’s literature, and by finding fun and unique ways to engage with my little one. Although my blog will focus on the serious aspects of motherhood and health, I will also make sure to share my insights on food, fashion, fitness, and fun!

proof back of one year card uprightDSC_2685DSC_3282

Medical Training:

Board Certified and Licensed Family Physician (M.D.)

Family Medicine Residency completed at The Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Public Health Training:

Master of Public Health Degree (MPH) from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Mommy Training:

In process!



Disclosure: I use Amazon affiliate links to help pay for the costs of this webpage. Any and all posts on this site may contain affiliate links. This often means just pennies, but every penny counts. Besides, who wouldn’t want to buy my favorite things:) And, Amazon is such an easy way to shop!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I met Emma today at her garage sale. She suggested that I check out her blog and enter the Livie and Luca shoe giveaway because my daughter is currently around a size 4. Emma showed me the beautiful shoes, and the adorable little model Ayla was sporting a similar pair!

    • So nice meeting you! Your daughter is so cute:) Sorry, that she’s the same size as Ayla. Wish I would have had more stuff for you to look through:) Who knows…maybe you will win the shoes!

  2. It was great meeting you today! I love meeting new neighbors (new to me). I’d love to chat with you again! I’d love to hear about your trip once you get back. Take care!

  3. Just thought I’d say hi as we’ve had a similar journey and I blogged mine too. I did IVF then when I was pregnant I had pre eclampsia (then eclampsia) and a preemie at 33 weeks. All going well now, hope it is for you too.

    • I am finding more and more women with similar stories to ours! It is amazing how common infertility and preeclampsia really are. thanks for saying hi and connecting! I am blessed to say that my daughter is amazing! You would never know that she was a preemie. Thanks again for checking out my blog. stay tuned for more about our journey with infertility and preeclampsia and a premature baby.

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