For the Sun Goddess and the Shade Lover…is your sunscreen doing the trick?

Whether you love the sun or avoid it like the plague…you should still be wearing sunscreen! Here are some ways to make sure that you are preventing skin cancer…and wrinkles! You may be lathering on the sunscreen but not really protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays! Sunscreen does expire and “go bad.” Here are a 6 tips to ensure your sunscreen is doing the trick:

6 Tips to Keep Know Your Sunscreen is Working: 

1. Look for an expiration date on the sunscreen in your cupboards. If it’s past due…toss it in the trash!

2. If your sunscreen doesn’t have an expiration date, and you aren’t sure if you bought it in the last three years…pitch it!

3. Has your sunscreen been exposed to extremely hot temperatures? If so, toss the rest at the end of the season rather than saving it for the next summer or vacation.

4. Is your sunscreen discolored or does it have a strange consistency? Toss it in the trash!

5. Buying new sunscreen that doesn’t have an expiration date on it? Pull out a sharpie and put your own expiration date on the bottle (3 years from time of purchase).

6. When buying new sunscreen make sure that it includes BROAD SPECTRUM coverage! You need both UV-A and UV-B protection. Also, choose an SPF that is 15 or higher.

Gorgeous happy blonde on a bike ride at the beach on a sunny day

Although its okay to use the same bottle of sunscreen year to year, the UV protection and SPF diminish in sunscreen overtime and with exposure to extreme temperatures. By abiding by the above tips, you can guarantee that your sunscreen will do its job. Also, make sure to always use a sunscreen with broad spectrum coverage (UV-A and UV-B protection) and an SPF of at least 15-20.






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