The Busy “Mom in Me”!

TIME TO PARTY!!!! Over 100,000 views on The Mom in Me, MD​ just since launching this past June. Thanks everyone for your continued support, feedback, and for taking the time to read my rants and raves:) I’m sure that many of you have noticed that I haven’t been writing as much recently. That is a temporary state!!!!

I won’t lie…life has been a little jam-packed lately with starting a new business (The Borrowed Boutique​), starting another round of IVF, freelance writing for a few more magazines, setting up a partnership with a non-profit, and taking care of a little 2-year-old monkey named Ayla:)Busy mother working on laptop

Like most moms I’m trying to balance it all! Sometimes I succeed, and other times I find myself going a little bit crazy. Today for example was one of those CRAZY days! Infertility makes life very unpredictable. Today my uterine lining needed some love. I was squeezed into an already overfull ultrasound schedule just to make sure that we were on track for our embryo transfer next week.

My first wrinkle of the day started before 8am on my way to the doctor’s office…traffic accident completely blocking my entrance to the interstate. Why had I chosen to go this route? I gave myself a mental kick in the behind. I quickly picked up the phone to inform the nurse that I would be running late. Hmm…if more than 15 minutes late I would need to reschedule? Well, that wasn’t going to happen considering my uterus lining needed its photo shoot today…doctor’s orders! I was already being fit into a full schedule, so did it even matter when I showed up?

The wreck was quickly cleared and my uterus, 2-year-old, and I were back on track! After over an hour at the doctor’s office we were then on our way to my Real Moms group where I volunteer and find sanity among other moms who are AMAZING. From there, Ayla and I headed to UPS to pick up our packages only to find that we had already retrieved them the previous day (my email updates were about 10 hours behind-tricky!) Then nap time (if only it were my nap time too!), interview time for three new magazine articles I’m writing, invoice time… and the list goes on. In the midst of my business, my phone rang.Side view of fit young woman lifting barbell in fitness box

Hanging up the phone I reminded myself that perspective is everything. Disappointment is natural, but I wasn’t going to let that control my day or my outlook. Yep, you guessed it…my uterine lining wasn’t thick enough to keep us on schedule for our embryo transfer next week. My parents had graciously offered to travel 5 hours one way, using a week of their vacation time to watch Ayla for us. This was the best gift they could offer. Just the idea of taking our two-year old on a 10 hour road trip was stressing me out! My husband had blocked time off of work. Everything was set and scheduled. Now, everything would have to be reset and rescheduled.

So, now I sit here typing away at my most productive hour (midnight) with a new accessory on my belly-an estrogen patch. Clearly the pills alone weren’t doing their job so now I get to load up with even more hormones! If my writing gets a little emotional over the next few days…you’ll know why! It’s the hormones talking.



2 thoughts on “The Busy “Mom in Me”!

  1. I’m sorry to hear it’s all back in the air again, that really sucks. Hope the patches do the trick – if nothing else they’re definitely fun to work around, particularly when you forget to take them off. Not that I’ve managed that, no, never. Heh.

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