Taking Charge of Your Destiny…5 simple steps

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I needed to read this today! In spite of all that happens…the crazy schedules, disappointments in ourselves and in others, uncontrollable circumstances, and the major let-downs in life…there is still HOPE. We may not be able to control everything, but we can control our thoughts, our words, our actions, our habits, and our character. We are responsible for the good and bad in ourselves. We can take ownership of our mistakes and then move forward. We can change. We can make a difference in the lives of others. Call me sentimental or an idealist…but without ideals…what’s the point!



For the Sun Goddess and the Shade Lover…is your sunscreen doing the trick?

Whether you love the sun or avoid it like the plague…you should still be wearing sunscreen! Here are some ways to make sure that you are preventing skin cancer…and wrinkles! You may be lathering on the sunscreen but not really protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays! Sunscreen does expire and “go bad.” Here are a 6 tips to ensure your sunscreen is doing the trick:

6 Tips to Keep Know Your Sunscreen is Working: 

1. Look for an expiration date on the sunscreen in your cupboards. If it’s past due…toss it in the trash!

2. If your sunscreen doesn’t have an expiration date, and you aren’t sure if you bought it in the last three years…pitch it!

3. Has your sunscreen been exposed to extremely hot temperatures? If so, toss the rest at the end of the season rather than saving it for the next summer or vacation.

4. Is your sunscreen discolored or does it have a strange consistency? Toss it in the trash!

5. Buying new sunscreen that doesn’t have an expiration date on it? Pull out a sharpie and put your own expiration date on the bottle (3 years from time of purchase).

6. When buying new sunscreen make sure that it includes BROAD SPECTRUM coverage! You need both UV-A and UV-B protection. Also, choose an SPF that is 15 or higher.

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Although its okay to use the same bottle of sunscreen year to year, the UV protection and SPF diminish in sunscreen overtime and with exposure to extreme temperatures. By abiding by the above tips, you can guarantee that your sunscreen will do its job. Also, make sure to always use a sunscreen with broad spectrum coverage (UV-A and UV-B protection) and an SPF of at least 15-20.






How to make sure that your child’s sunscreen is helping and not hurting!

Sunscreen is a MUST for our kids! And, although most of us use it on them routinely, is the type that we are using really safe for kids? I recently had to make a sunscreen switch for my own daughter after reviewing the American Academy of Pediatrics and the FDA’s updated guidelines and recommendations. Since I was in the dark on this topic, I thought I would share 4 important points that every mom should know.

1. Ditch the Oxybenzone

When a friend asked me my opinion about oxybenzone in children’s sunscreen, I gave her a blank stare. I hadn’t really heard all that much about it, and I assumed that the concerns were simply social media hype. Trying not to be too skeptical, I told her that I would look into it. To my surprise, there does seem to be some legitimate concern regarding oxybenzone, although some organizations such as the American Academy of Dermatology do still think that it is safe to use in children. (The CDC and the Environmental Working Group). This product which is found in many infant and children sunscreens can act like a hormone, potentially influencing our developing children’s endocrine systems. Although long-term studies have not yet been done to determine the extent of the harm, the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that parents avoid this ingredient when purchasing sunscreen. In a society where precocious puberty (puberty at a young age) is becoming a more common issue, I decided it was probably a good idea to not take a chance. I’ve opted for a oxybenzone free sunscreen. On a side note, if you are going to be out in the sun and your only option for sunscreen contains oxybenzone, go ahead and use it. Infrequent use is probably not going to have an effect on your child’s hormone levels, but we do know that sunburns in childhood definitely predispose them to skin cancer later in life.

2.  Aerosolized Children’s Sunscreen May be a “No, No”

Many of the large sunscreen companies have made our lives as moms much easier! They have created an aerosolized sunscreen revolution. It’s fast, it’s much less messy, and it goes on more easily. Bad news is…we aren’t exactly sure what it might be doing in our children’s lungs. The whole point of an aerosolized sunscreen is that it sprays through the air onto the skin. Our children are inevitably breathing in some of this spray. Because the aerosolized sunscreens contain nano particles (incredibly tiny particles), when breathed in they are able to travel much further into the lungs. There is concern in the medical community that these nano particles might cause local irritation in the lung tissue or result in increased absorption with unknown longterm effects. If you have to use an aerosolized spray, first spray it onto your hand (away from your child) and then apply it to your child’s skin directly.Hand heart

3. Broad Coverage Update

The FDA has changed its regulations on how companies are allowed to promote their sunscreens. They can only advertise “Broad Coverage” if they provide both UVA (ultraviolet ray A) and UVB (ultraviolet ray B) protection. You want to make sure that you are choosing a sunscreen that has both of these. This is the only way to prevent not only sunburns, but also longterm risk for skin cancers. In addition to broad coverage, make sure that you look for an SPF of at least 15 to 30 (50 would be great if you have the option). Anything higher than 50 doesn’t really have any additional protection as far as we can tell. So, if it says SPF 70 but no broad coverage, don’t buy it!

4. Put it on Before You Hit the Beach and then Keep Reapplying!!

Sunscreen needs a little time (15-30 minutes) to absorb in order to be effective. Don’t wait until you are already in the sun to put it on your kids. Apply it before you leave the house so that they will be protected from the harmful UV rays the entire time they are in the sun. Remember to keep reapplying it as well. Once and done is not going to work. Most sunscreens need to be Little girl with bottle of sun cream sitting at tropical beachreapplied after two hours. However, if your child is swimming or sweating, you should reapply it sooner.

Check out the AAP Sun Safety Guideline Information Sheet for Parents for more information on sun protection. Remember…protecting your child’s skin from burns today will protect him/her from skin cancer later in life. It really is that important!






Loveum Kids Giveaway from The Mom in Me, MD

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I found Loveum Kids while shopping in a local boutique. After snagging a few pair of leggings in the shop, I decided to check out Loveum Kids’ online Etsy shop. I fell in love with the vibrant geometric fabric choices-so on trend. And, what’s not to love about a shop run by another mom?Diptic

Loveum Kids was kind enough to send me some additional headbands and pants to try out on my little one. Love at first sight! Trust me, no one pressured me to rant and rave about these products. In fact, I liked them so much that I asked if Loveum would be willing to give YOU some free items too! Of course they said, “YES.” And, the best part is that you get to choose the item yourself. Click HERE to enter to win a $15 store credit. Yep, that’s enough to get you almost anything in the shop! I told you that the prices were great. Don’t forget to follow The Mom in Me, MD on Instagram and give The Mom in Me, MD a like on Facebook to qualify.photo 5



The Busy “Mom in Me”!

TIME TO PARTY!!!! Over 100,000 views on The Mom in Me, MD​ just since launching this past June. Thanks everyone for your continued support, feedback, and for taking the time to read my rants and raves:) I’m sure that many of you have noticed that I haven’t been writing as much recently. That is a temporary state!!!!

I won’t lie…life has been a little jam-packed lately with starting a new business (The Borrowed Boutique​), starting another round of IVF, freelance writing for a few more magazines, setting up a partnership with a non-profit, and taking care of a little 2-year-old monkey named Ayla:)Busy mother working on laptop

Like most moms I’m trying to balance it all! Sometimes I succeed, and other times I find myself going a little bit crazy. Today for example was one of those CRAZY days! Infertility makes life very unpredictable. Today my uterine lining needed some love. I was squeezed into an already overfull ultrasound schedule just to make sure that we were on track for our embryo transfer next week.

My first wrinkle of the day started before 8am on my way to the doctor’s office…traffic accident completely blocking my entrance to the interstate. Why had I chosen to go this route? I gave myself a mental kick in the behind. I quickly picked up the phone to inform the nurse that I would be running late. Hmm…if more than 15 minutes late I would need to reschedule? Well, that wasn’t going to happen considering my uterus lining needed its photo shoot today…doctor’s orders! I was already being fit into a full schedule, so did it even matter when I showed up?

The wreck was quickly cleared and my uterus, 2-year-old, and I were back on track! After over an hour at the doctor’s office we were then on our way to my Real Moms group where I volunteer and find sanity among other moms who are AMAZING. From there, Ayla and I headed to UPS to pick up our packages only to find that we had already retrieved them the previous day (my email updates were about 10 hours behind-tricky!) Then nap time (if only it were my nap time too!), interview time for three new magazine articles I’m writing, invoice time… and the list goes on. In the midst of my business, my phone rang.Side view of fit young woman lifting barbell in fitness box

Hanging up the phone I reminded myself that perspective is everything. Disappointment is natural, but I wasn’t going to let that control my day or my outlook. Yep, you guessed it…my uterine lining wasn’t thick enough to keep us on schedule for our embryo transfer next week. My parents had graciously offered to travel 5 hours one way, using a week of their vacation time to watch Ayla for us. This was the best gift they could offer. Just the idea of taking our two-year old on a 10 hour road trip was stressing me out! My husband had blocked time off of work. Everything was set and scheduled. Now, everything would have to be reset and rescheduled.

So, now I sit here typing away at my most productive hour (midnight) with a new accessory on my belly-an estrogen patch. Clearly the pills alone weren’t doing their job so now I get to load up with even more hormones! If my writing gets a little emotional over the next few days…you’ll know why! It’s the hormones talking.