A Little Bit of Love…photos and frills!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I decided to give you a sneak peek of some of our photos and frills! Nothing says lovey dovey like a precious moment in Tutu Du Monde captured on film.  10818395_882697531761900_4193040430618545280_o



The first of our Valentine’s pictures…compliments of Brittany Marie Photography. All of these frills (dresses, tutus, and accessories) are available for rent from The Mom in Me, MD! Make your little one’s pictures perfect in an affordable way. Click this link to join my Facebook rental page, but stay tuned…a full website with its own catchy boutique name is coming soon!



9 Ways To Deal With Your Toddler’s Tantrums…Without Losing Your Cool

We have arrived. The “terrible two’s”, which I have endearingly renamed the “CHALLENGING Two’s” are here in full effect. Full-body, flailing meltdowns smack dab in the middle of the kitchen floor (or even better…the grocery store); screams so loud that the neighbors can hear; and surprise smack attacks by precious little hands. My sweet little girl is still sweet…most of the time…but some days our schedule feels like we are simply making it from one melt down to another. Is this normal? Do I have an overly emotional bully on my hands?

Thankfully, I know enough to know that my two-year old’s tantrums are simply because she’s a toddler. Her language skills are limited (which can be incredibly frustrating for her), her coping skills and understanding of patience are even more limited, and her needs are great. I remind myself that this is just a season of time that were passing through (I will survive), but how I respond is of paramount importance for her understanding of discipline, boundaries, and healthy ways to express her emotions.

My mantra…”Baby may be losing it, but momma has to keep it together.” This may seem like a no-brainer, but in the middle of a toddler tantrum, I often feel my own emotions spiraling out of control. What am I to do with this tiny maniac and my rising frustration??? Here are a few tips proven to work by countless mothers before us. Try one. Try five. Try them all!

1. Keep Your Cool

Having your own melt-down is only going to make matters worse. Your little one is either tired, hungry, frustrated, not getting their way, in need of attention, or just having a tantrum for the sake of it. Yelling, screaming, and dealing with your child in a physically forceful way will only escalate the situation. It will also reinforce for your child that outbursts are an appropriate way to deal with anger and frustration. “If mommy does it then it’s okay that I’m doing it too.” NO! You need to set the standard for appropriate behavior. Your toddler is learning how to deal with his/her emotions. By demonstrating healthy ways to deal with frustration you set the standard and lay a great foundation. Take several deep breaths and let the frustration roll off of your shoulders. Keep your voice soothing and calm. You can still be firm but loving at the same time. If you feel like you are going to lose it and your child is in a safe place, remove yourself from the situation for a few moments until your emotions are under control. It’s also okay to ask for help. If you’re having a more than challenging day with your toddler, give yourself a reprieve. Go to the gym, and let your toddler play in the gym daycare; ask your partner to give you a break while you take a bath, get a pedicure, or simply sit in a quiet room for five minutes; phone a mommy friend and see if she would be willing to give you a 30 minute break.Happy Toddler Boy Eating Strawberries

2. Smile at Your Audience

Why do tantrums always seem to happen in public? So embarrassing for every parent! The funny thing is, anyone watching who has kids isn’t judging you or your crazy child. Nope, they’re empathizing and remembering their own challenging toddler years, and they’re watching to see how you’re going to react. If you forcefully grab your child, yank her from the floor or start screaming yourself…well, then yes, you are going to be judged. If you keep your cool, maintain a calm voice, and handle the situation like an adult (assuming we all have the same standard of appropriate adult behavior) even if your child is still screaming your audience is going to think you’ve got it handled. Mom of the year award coming your way! You can flash them an, “I’m not liking this challenging situation, but I can handle it” smile and wait for an empathetic smile back at ya.

3. Ignore the Tantrum

Sometimes ignoring a tantrum is the best and quickest way to get it to stop. It’s fine to acknowledge that your child is upset and to affirm their feelings, but clearly their screams and kicks are not an appropriate way to show their frustration. Instead of giving their fit more attention that it needs, simply ignore it. If your child isn’t getting the desired reaction (and extra negative attention) from you they are more likely to stop the fit sooner.Ladder into sky

4. Change the Scenery

Leaving the house, exiting the grocery store, or even taking a parking lot break during dinner at a restaurant may be necessary if your little one has a tantrum that just won’t stop. A change of scenery can often diffuse a tantrum and it lets your little one know that if they can’t behave they are going to be removed from the party. Although it’s not convenient to leave the grocery store without any groceries, sometimes it may be necessary. If you say you’re going to leave…FOLLOW THROUGH. Be consistent and let your toddler know that when you say something you mean it.

5. Distract

While this method doesn’t work for all children, it does wonders in my household. My two-year old’s emotions are easily redirected when I start to make a goofy face, sing a silly song, pull out a crazy toy that she hasn’t seen in forever, or start to tell her an AMAZING story. Yep, this momma pulls out all the bells and whistles. All of my elementary school acting classes were worth while after all. BE ANIMATED. ENTERTAIN. BE SILLY. MAKE YOUR LITTLE ONE LAUGH SO HARD THAT HE FORGETS ALL ABOUT THE TANTRUM. Toddler attention spans are short. Use it to your benefit! Food can also be a great distraction. Don’t bribe with candy, but offer your toddler a delicious, healthy snack. Everyone always feels happier with a full tummy.Portrait of a crying child on the mother's hands

6. Affirm with words and physical affection (POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES)

Some toddlers act out because they want the extra attention. When your child is upset sometimes giving them a hug will do the trick. Tell them how much you love them and praise them for their great behavior that day. Do this even when your little one isn’t having a melt-down. Providing consistent positive reinforcement will improve their sense of security, confidence, and understanding of what behavior will get them the most attention…GOOD BEHAVIOR! Praise your little ones. Encourage them. Let them know when they have been kind and gentle. Reward them…don’t just punish them. The majority of the attention that you give your child should be positive. If you are only pointing out when they are “bad” they will continue to be “bad” just for the attention. I’m not saying to let naughty behavior slide! We are all about discipline around here, but make sure your discipline is done in love rather than anger and that you aren’t forgetting to reward your little one’s positive efforts. FYI: Some children detest physical contact during a tantrum. They may lash out even more. If that’s the case with your child…skip on the hug and try a different method. Many children aren’t in the mood for logical reasoning during a tantrum either. Don’t try to explain to them why they shouldn’t be having a tantrum…this method never helps. Instead try one of the other methods such as distraction.Happy Mother And Baby Laying On Meadow

7. Meet the Need but Don’t Cave In

Often times tantrums occur because children are hungry, thirsty, tired, or frustrated. If you are in the middle of the grocery store at 12 noon and your toddler hasn’t had lunch yet, you better believe they are going to want everything in sight! Of course they want the cookies. Don’t you? Instead of quickly diffusing the tantrum by giving into the cookies, hold your ground. If you said, “No,” to cookies. Then your “NO,” needs to stay “NO.” Giving in during or after a tantrum will only reinforce for your toddler that tantrums are an effective method to get their way. ABSOLUTELY NOT! If your child is starting to melt-down over cookies, give him a reasonable alternative that will curb his hunger.  A piece of fruit or an organic fruit and veggie squeeze pack are much better options. Get him involved in a positive way by letting him choose which of these healthy choices he would like.

8. Prevent it before it happens-expectations and bribery

Anticipating your child’s needs is a great way to prevent tantrums before they even start. If you know you are going to be out during snack time…take a snack with you! If you know you are going to be cutting into nap time prepare yourself for a cranky child. Don’t expect your 2-year-old to behave perfectly when you are changing their routine or jipping them on sleep and food. Try to stick to their schedule as much as possible. This will save you many a melt-down. If circumstances don’t allow you to follow your little one’s schedule, let them know ahead of time what your expectations are and what’s in it for them. For example, if your family is coming into town for a special anniversary dinner (way past your little one’s bedtime), let your little one know that they will get a special prize if they behave well at dinner. Remind them of this when they start to act up at the table. This form of bribery is really just a form of positive reinforcement for good behavior. Since you are doing it ahead of time and not in the moment it isn’t a harmful trick. I recently told my daughter that if she had gentle hands at preschool she would get to pick several extra books to read at bedtime. On several occasions the teacher had to remind her, but this prevented hair pulling and shoving like a charm. Even though we had a few incidents later in the day while at home, I didn’t take her extra books away from her (I gave her different consequences instead) because she had earned them with good behavior.cute toddler with finger in mouth

9. Use Reasonable Punishments

Use reasonable punishments. Your child is a toddler after-all. She is learning limits. Never hit/smack/bite your child back! This only reinforces for her that these behaviors are acceptable. It’s a good idea to give her some warning before you flat-out punish her. This gives her time to change her behavior and obey. Let her know that if you count to three and she isn’t listening then she will have a consequence. If she is doing something to physically harm another child then deal with the situation immediately! Don’t wait for a three count!

Use time-outs to your advantage. Giving yourself a 2 minute breather may be what you need too to effectively deal with your little one. Remember not to make time-outs too long. Rule of thumb is one minute for every year of age. Example: a 2-year-old should only have a 2 minute time out.

Taking away privileges is one of my favorite methods to nip a tantrum. If my daughter refuses to get into the car seat and starts flailing I simply tell her that she won’t get to play with her favorite toy when we get home if she doesn’t sit nicely by the time that I count to three. This doesn’t always work, but often times the threat alone is enough to get her seated. Often times she doesn’t end up losing the privilege because she quickly realizes I mean business and she doesn’t want to lose her doll!

Try these tips and let me know what works for you! If you have additional suggestions I would love to hear them. Parenting is a learning curve for all of us. We can all use all the help we can get! Remember…the toddler years are just as season. They don’t last forever!

For more helpful insight check out the links below:

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Toddler Fashion Alert…What’s Trending

Graphic print leggings…faux fur vests…jelly shoes…and head scarves! SO CUTE…and incredibly affordable to get the look. Boho Chic Baby! photo 3 photo 2 photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1


GET THE LOOK: Many of the items from this outfit are already sold out, but I’ve found some other brands or same brands with similar styles that look equally boho chic. Check out the links below!

Faux Fur Vest

Mini Melissa Ballet Shoe Black

Adorable Essentials Black Flutter Sleeve Top

Neck Scarf (Not shown but too cute not to mention!) EUBUY Fashionable Autumn Winter

Loveum Kids Graphic and Native Style Pants and headbands







Secondary Infertility…what’s the big deal?

My heart wrenching desire to be called, “Mommy” was enough to make me sob on countless occasions. If only…if only…if only…and then the day came. Our infertility days were over! She was born, and although the early days of preemie life were also heart wrenching, we made it through. Today, I hear my coveted name, “Mommy” more times than I can count. If only it were enough. I love my daughter more than words could ever express (actually, my heart and eyes are welling up as I write), and I’m more than content to be her mother; but, my desire to hear another little voice, to change another little one’s diapers, to cuddle another snuggly infant, and to wipe the spit-up off of my shoulder countless times each day is intensely real. I want my daughter to have a sibling to play with, and let’s be real, unfortunately boss around!Portrait of a mother with her newborn baby

For those who say that I should count my blessings and be content with one child…you’ve clearly never struggled with secondary infertility. I understand your perspective. When I was childless I held a similar view. I just wanted to be a mother; I wanted a little one to love and cherish. I now have that immense privilege and blessing (which I thank God for everyday), but my longing for another baby is real and natural. I shouldn’t be ashamed of this longing. I was meant to mother. It’s in my bones even if it isn’t in the cards I’ve been dealt.

These cards aren’t fair. The infertility game is fixed. I’m playing against the house…and the house always wins….well, almost always. But, I’m not cashing out. I’m not cutting my losses and calling it quits. I’m not a gambler, but in the case of infertility I’m willing to bet against the odds. It worked for me once before, and it was worth every penny, shot, procedure, complication and heartache. The deck may be stacked against me, but I know how to stack the deck too with unwavering determination, perseverance, faith, and sleepless nights filled with agonizing prayers.Pregnant woman with daughter

Many couples have the luxury of easily adding to their families. They simply plan how many children they want and then make it happen (Yes, I’m a little jealous). They are blessed. Secondary Infertility is a diagnosis, an unfortunate medical condition, a “disease”. It is something to grieve over. It’s something to challenge. It is something worth battling and treating. Please don’t minimize the intensity of this heart breaking medical condition by suggesting that I be content with a diagnosis of secondary rather than primary infertility. These days it all feels the same. I thought that it would be less painful, but going through repeated IVF cycles once again, counting pennies to fund them, having a miscarriage, and trying to keep my emotions in check while caring for a two-year old is something worth crying over. Infertility is painful in every shape and form that it takes. If only it got easier!Happy Mother And Baby Laying On Meadow

For those of you who have suggested that I be content…don’t worry. I’m not overly sensitive, nor am I keeping a tab. Goodness, on the flip side I can’t keep track of the number of people who’ve critically asked me, “You only have one daughter? Don’t you want more children? You aren’t done are you? She needs a sibling!” My response usually creates an intensely awkward moment. I’m aware that most people don’t know what to say regarding infertility, primary or secondary. Awkward conversations are the norm when the topic arises. It’s okay to not have the right words. It’s okay to just say you’re sorry. Sometimes simply listening shows the most support. You aren’t always going to get it right, but the fact that you are trying means the world.


If you’re dealing with primary infertility then you are allowed to say or think whatever you want! You’ve earned that right. You get to be angry. You get to be sad. You get to be jealous. You get to judge my “discontentment” with “only” having one child. I was you only a few years back. I get it. Not that you need my permission…but just wanted to throw out the caveat. Hang in there. You are stronger than you know!

For more ways to support someone struggling with infertility check out these resources for family and friends at Resolve.org




Mini Melissa…The Perfect Shoes for a Prima Ballerina or a Play Date

The beautiful thing about fashion is that there are countless brands, styles, and options to try. I’ve already featured some of my favorite kids shoes in the past several months, but I’m here to highlight another brand that’s recently caught my fashion eye…Mini Melissa . I’ve known for some time about this brand that uses recycled plastic and PVC to create something similar to good old-fashioned jelly shoes (I’m dating myself), but it wasn’t until I saw their ballet pointe shoes that I was head over heels. Pale shimmery pink, Valentines red, and a trendy black…yep, I bought all three!photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

Next on my list are the Ultragirl Bow flats (in every color combination). Super cute! If your little one is into animals then you may just love their Rabbit, Cat, or Rhino inspired designs. Oh, and did I mention that each pair of shoes has the amazing aroma of bubble gum! The plastic is scented so that little feet won’t get stinky.photo 2

These shoes do run on the small side so make sure to go up one full size. They are incredibly easy to get on. Unlike old-fashioned jelly shoes, these don’t have difficult straps to fasten. Yippy for VELCRO! A strong velcro closure does the trick! These are perfect worn barefoot for spring/summer, but they even work well for the colder months when paired with tights. The soles are padded giving a nice cushion and eliminating the sticky feeling of traditional jelly shoes. While many trendy boutiques have these in stock, you can even find them here Mini Melissa Ballet on Amazon! Quick…they sell out in a flash!



How Sweet Are You…from one sugar addict to another???

New Years resolutions are underway! Check out my latest article in print and online published by Hamilton County Family Magazine on ways to curb your sugar addiction.

A Sweet Resolve for The New Year



Protect Your Babies From The Freezing Cold…winter weather car safety tips

Winter has arrived…cold temps, snow drifted driveways, and icy roads. Since most of us don’t have the luxury of hibernating all winter long, it’s important that we are prepared just in case a winter storm hits while we are out and about-especially with our little ones. No one ever thinks they are going to get stuck, stranded, lost, or in an accident, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep your cell phone fully charged, your gas tank fully topped off, and let someone know that you are heading out. In addition, throw these items in a Tupperware container and keep them in your trunk during the winter months. You probably won’t ever need to use them…but, just in case! You can purchase pre-packaged winter survival kits in many stores and online, but make sure that they have these items before you purchase them (or be prepared to add to the kits).Car tire tracks in snow

Winter Weather Survival Kit Checklist:

1. Cell Phone, portable charger, extra battery

2. Small Shovel and a Windshield Scraper

3. Battery Powered Radio and a Flash Light with extra batteries

4. Snack Foods and Bottles of Water- some great options include hard candy, jellybeans, candy bars, raisins, nuts, dehydrated fruit, and jerky. You want foods that are dense in calories, protein and sugar. If you have a little one make sure that you have extra formula if you aren’t breast-feeding or age appropriate foods.

5. Blankets and Clothing-Keep several blankets or a sleeping bag in the car. Extra warm clothes such as long underwear, heavy socks, hats and mittens, and even a ski mask are also important to have on hand. Hand warmers and foot warmers can also come in handy.

6. Nylon Rope and a Bright Colored Flag or piece of fabric along with a whistle to signal for help

7. Waterproof matches (sometimes lighters won’t work in extremely cold temperatures) and a can to melt snow for water

8. Compass, map, and jumper cables

9. First Aid Kit

10. Road Salt and Sand

11. Toilet paper and paper towel (if you have a little one make sure to have diapers, wipes, and formula)

12. A source of heat is incredibly important in case your car won’t run. A multiple wick candle can heater is a good option (along with water proof matches). Even having a hand full of standard pillar candles can generate a significant amount of heat.Mother And Child On Foggy Snow Farm Road

Some Important Safety Survival Tips if You Get Stranded (throwing these in for free:)

I grew up in Michigan, so I was aware of most of these tips…but not all of them. Even if you’re from Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Montana you may want to refresh your memory! If you’ve transplanted from a warm weather state, then you definitely need to read these life saving tips!

1. Always stay with your vehicle (don’t go exploring in a blizzard!)

2. Run your engine sparingly (15 minutes every hour). If the weather is extremely cold you may need to run the engine continuously because it may not restart if you turn it off.

3. Don’t go to sleep with the engine running! Read something to keep yourself awake and to pass the time.

4. Make sure that the exhaust pipe of the car is clear of snow. You don’t want carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Keep your feet off the floor if you don’t have the heater on. You can’t afford to lose heat through your feet!

6. Tie your colorful flag or banner onto the car antenna. If you do have to leave the car for any reason make sure that you tie your nylon rope to the car and then to yourself so that you can find your way back.

7. Move everything from your emergency kit from the trunk of your car into the interior of the car. Look through your supplies to see what you have. If you have to sleep, eat a high calorie snack just before you go to sleep so that you can increase your metabolism and thus heat production while sleeping.

8. Start layering up now with all extra clothing. You want to stay warm! It is a lot easier to stay warm than it is to regain lost heat. Try to loosen any of your clothing that may be tight. This can help maintain body heat circulation. Take off all metal jewelry since this can decrease your body temperature as it gets cold.

These are just some important winter weather safety highlights that I’ve pulled from the following sources. Click on the links for more information. Stay safe! Stay warm!

North Dakota Department of Transportation

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention: Emergency Preparedness and Response

The AllState Blog







Our Infertility Journey (1.20): Could It Really Be Good News?????!!!!!!

We were scheduled for our fourth embryo transfer, and this time my primary infertility specialist made sure that she would be present to do the procedure. She agreed that given all of our complications it made sense that she be the one to perform the procedure. This time went so much more smoothly (the way it was supposed to go). After only a minute, two perfect embryos were in my uterus.Golden Egg

I decided to stay on my back with my legs up for a while. (30 min. to be exact.) I didn’t care if there wasn’t any medical evidence for this, I needed to do something different. I needed this to work. I went home and propped my legs up again. Then we waited once more. I was somewhat pessimistic. I didn’t know if this would work. I wanted it to, but it hadn’t yet. And, after 5 cycles of IVF (the first once being cancelled due to hyperstimulation and the others never resulting in a pregnancy) I doubted that things would ever work for us. In the midst of my doubt, I still held onto a thread of hope. This cycle had been as close to ideal as we would probably ever get…great embryos and a great transfer. Two weeks of waiting felt like an eternity.Biological clock ticking - woman holding clock in front of stoma

A few days before the pregnancy test I began to feel crampy. I was heartbroken. How is it possible that it hadn’t worked again!  The day I went in for my blood work, I told the nurse that I was sure that I wasn’t pregnant. I felt like I had after each cycle…crampy. I hadn’t started bleeding yet, but I was sure it was only a matter of time. I waited for the typical call from the nurse. I was at work and had been talking with my coworker who was waiting for an adoption opportunity. Just minutes before she had received the news that a baby boy was going to be born within the next couple of days, and he could be hers! She was ecstatic! I was so happy for her. She left the room to see a patient and in the meantime, my call came.couple, pregnancy and love concept - close up of woman and man h

I saw that it was my infertility nurse, and my heart leapt and then sank all at the same time. I knew that I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t even need her to confirm it. I answered the call just as my coworker walked back into our office. “Hello”, I said. “Emma, its Libby.” “Emma, you’re PREGNANT!” What! What! No, that couldn’t be right! How could I be pregnant. I was crampy. I didn’t feel pregnant. They must have been looking at someone else’s results. “No, Emma, we double checked. These are your results. You are pregnant. Congratulations!”

I was in shock. I was through the roof! Oh, my goodness. You have got to be kidding me! It finally worked!! I was pregnant. I could get pregnant! It was all worth it. I wanted to jump up and down, but I didn’t dare for fear it would expel the precious embryos. But, how good were my levels? I knew that this mattered. Was I really pregnant or just a little? No, I was really pregnant. My hcg numbers were high. They were prefect. I would have to have them repeated in 2 days just to make sure that they were doubling, but I was definitely pregnant.Baby Fetus Newborn Over Isolated White Background. New Born Chil

My coworker knew immediately when she saw my face. We were both going to be having new babies! I immediately tried to call Dave. He needed to be my first call. Voicemail. I paged him but didn’t get an answer. I knew that he should be the first one to know, but if I couldn’t reach him, I couldn’t keep it to myself after everything I had been through. I quickly dialed my parents. My mom was thrilled! We were all cautiously optimistic. We knew that a positive pregnancy didn’t necessarily mean we would be having a baby. We still had a lot of hurdles to get through, and the pregnancy rates were always much higher that the delivery rates for IVF. Although I was cautiously optimistic, I was also full of hope. I couldn’t wait to make it past 12 weeks. I just needed to get to the safe zone,  and then, 2012 would be my year of motherhood!




An Update on Our Current Pregnancy Situation (Jan 2015)…unfortunately, labs don’t lie

I know I’ve been posting a lot lately about our struggles with primary infertility (trying to finish out the story for everyone). However, as most of you know, we are currently undergoing infertility treatments in an effort to make baby #2. Christmas Eve I found out that I was pregnant after a frozen IVF cycle. But, after several ultrasounds and repeat labs, I’m sad to say that we are having a miscarriage. Our little one decided not to stick around.

Thank you all for your kind words, prayers, and support along this journey. As I watch my beta-hcg levels fall it’s a little surreal and incredibly sad. Seeing an empty uterus on ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis and cemented the fact that our infertility journey is not yet over. When we received the news that we were pregnant it seemed too good to be true (and it was). No more stimulation cycles, no more needle pokes, no more financial planning for fertility! We were going to have another baby! Sadly, that’s not the case, at least not yet. So, I’m pulling myself up by my Hunter boot straps and gearing up for what’s to come. With two more frozen embryos left, our IVF journey continues. Maybe this next cycle will be the end of our infertility road? If not…ovarian stimulation and fresh IVF here we come!



Our Infertility Journey (1.19): An Egg Retriveal Without Pain Meds or Anesthesia!

The plan was to start the process of a full IVF cycle all over again as soon as possible so that my cervix wouldn’t have the opportunity to become windy again. I was ready, but I was also exhausted. I admitted to Dave that I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. We went with the antagonist cycle again because this had given the best response with limited hyperstimulation. Back to the shots, the ultrasounds, and the early morning doctor visits…blood work galore. It was all so routine now that I couldn’t even imagine life without IVF.Sperm injection

Walking into the clinic each morning, the secretaries greeted me by name. That’s not really a positive thing in an infertility clinic. You want to get in and out with success as quickly as possible. Becoming a regular is not the goal. The stimulation went well this time. It actually looked like it was going to offer the best egg retrieval yet. The retrieval day was set once again, and once again we arrived early in the morning to the hospital. I had taken my Ativan and Dave was at my side. My assigned infertility nurse was also present which was always comforting. But today, another nurse who was new to the department was also present. She was the one who would be pushing my pain medications.

I wasn’t all that thrilled at the idea of having an extra person in the room (especially one that I didn’t know), but I didn’t really have an option. Things got started and were going fairly well except for the fact that this time was much more painful compared to my previous egg retrievals. I kept asking for more pain medication (which wasn’t typical for me), and I repeatedly asked how close we were to being done. Pain, Pain, Pain! I squeezed Dave’s hand so hard that I thought I was going to break it. Why was this time so much worse? I wasn’t sure how much more I could handle. I never asked for the maximum amount of narcotics!Cropped image of nurse attaching IV drip on male patient's hand

The physician told me that a significant number of the follicles were close to the ovarian wall. This location was often more painful for egg retrievals. Maybe, but as they wheeled in the gurney I noted that I was much more awake and lucid than the last two times we had done this. I was actually carrying on a full conversation with the nurse, which I had never previously been able to do. On the other retrieval days my mind had been sluggish and my mouth always had trouble forming the words that I wanted to say. A “yep,” or “huh” were typically all that I could utter due to the sedating effects of the pain meds and anti-nausea medications (I’m something of a light-weight). Usually, my legs were so heavy that I couldn’t even transfer myself to the stretcher without significant help. This time I practically hopped from one bed to the other.

I mentioned how strange it was that I felt this awake. Ah, well, it was over. Off to recovery once more. A new nurse came in to check on me and to flush my IV line. As she was flushing, I began to panic at the sensation. What horrible medication was she giving me? She said, “Nothing, just flushing the line with saline.” As soon as she left the room I went bizirk. My hand and arm were on fire and the pressure was unbearable, almost like compartment syndrome. Something was wrong. It was burning. It wasn’t stopping. I called the nurse back in, but she wasn’t sure what was happening. “Maybe a little bit of the medications were left in the tubing,” she suggested.

Well, that was an understatement because then my heart started racing, I began profusely sweating, my head was spinning, and I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up all at the same time. I must have looked as bad as I voiced because she quickly sprang to action, shut off the IV line and grabbed my vital signs. Sure enough…something was definitely wrong. All of the pain meds and anti-nausea meds had been sitting in my IV line, un-administered during the egg retrieval. Either there had been a problem with the IV tubing, or the new nurse hadn’t actually opened the valve on the tubing. Now I had just gotten a whopper dose of narcotics and phenergan (anti-nausea medication known to burn like crazy if not diluted properly) in one quick push!

This all explained why the procedure was so painful this time, and why I had been so alert. Within minutes after the medication overload, I was gone to the world, knocked out until late that evening. A junkie lifestyle is definitely not for me. I felt horrible. The nurse typed up an incident report, but there really wasn’t much else to do now that it was over. It wasn’t like they could take back my extra painful experience.Laboratory Fertilization Of Eggs In IVF Treatment

The good news was that our embryos were gorgeous. They were the best that we had ever obtained from a cycle. Only a few more days and once again two embryos would be transferred into my uterus. I prayed that this time it would work. I wasn’t sure how much more I could go through. My ovaries were huge and aching. My heart was heavy and aching. My endurance was waning.