Help Me Pick…which is your favorite picture?

I need your help! Which is your favorite picture? I’m trying to get my media packet together and need some feedback. They’re all starting to look the same to me:) I’m thinking the first one or the last? Leave a comment with your vote…please!
0066 0067 0068 0070 0071

WOW! This post is looking a little conceited! I promise I’m not this self-absorbed! Let me throw in some family photos too! Then maybe it won’t feel so weird! I need a favorite family shot too!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1004300600079 copy0084

Photography: Angela Talley Photography

Ayla’s Outfit: Turqouise Dress-Tutu Du Monde, Silver Shoes-See Kai Run, Feather Headband-Tutu Du Monde, Flower headband-Avry Couture Creations, Pink Swan Princess Dress-Kate Mack, Pink Jeweled Headband-Enchanted Shimmer Designs

Emma’s Outfit: White and Grey tiny floral print dress-Banana Republic, Silver Bangle-Tiffany & Co., Diamond Earring Studs-Kay Jewelers, Neutral Heels-Discount Shoe Warehouse (DSW)

Dave’s Outfit: White Dress Shirt- Brooks Brothers, Tailored Sport Coat-Carven, Jeans-Banana Republic, Tan Shoes-Cole Haan

Don’t forget to VOTE!!!!! Leave a comment with your favorites!Β 



24 thoughts on “Help Me Pick…which is your favorite picture?

  1. Of just you, my favorites are the 1st and the 4th. I like the 4th one the best.

    Of the family photos, the first one is my favorite – you can see everyone’s face.

  2. Of your photos of just yourself, I love #4 the best. Out of the family photos, I love #4 the best also. All the photos of just your little girl are adorable, but if I had to pick a favorite the one where she’s at the end of the slide.

  3. 4th pic of you. (I also love the 3rd one too) 1st pic of family. Love the Pic of your daughter on slide. I’d love to see it in a b&w.

  4. Hi, Emma! I’ve been enjoying reading your posts! My 2 cents here…I like the last pic of you. Of the family…the second one…looks real…and your legs look great. πŸ™‚ Of Ayla…the one on the slide is precious…she looks so inquisitive and, yet, pleased with herself…lovely. Best wishes on all your endeavors…professional and personal. Will be thinking of you!

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