Christmas Tradition Contest!

It’s time for you to give me some ideas!!! The Mom in Me, MD is looking for your favorite Christmas and Advent traditions. Leave a comment below detailing one of your favorite traditions. The top FIVE ideas will be featured on an upcoming blog (and if your idea made the cut…you will get credit! Yes, an honorable mention:) Spread the holiday creativity. I know most of you have some great ideas for other moms out there! In order to qualify, make sure that you are following The Mom in Me, MD on Pinterest. I’ve even included the link for you here:




8 thoughts on “Christmas Tradition Contest!

  1. We have a few traditions, but one of my favorites is baking on the day that we decorate and put our tree up. I make a huge batch of chex mix that we snack on through the day, then leave it on the countertop for the coming weeks. We’ll munch on it in the evenings while watching Christmas specials or wrapping gifts.

  2. We have a few traditions, but my favorite is baking and making Chex Mix on the day we decorate. We snack all day long and have the leftovers on the counter through the season for nights that we watch holiday specials and wrap gifts.

  3. My Christmas Eve memories anchor around the neighborhood-wide lighting of the luminaria. Someone in the neighborhood ensured that each house got a delivery of paper lunch sacks, sand and candles. Each family would make their luminaria bags and then line the portion of the neighborhood streets on either side of their driveway lighting the candles when the sun went down. It became (and still is) a Christmas Eve destination where people drive through the neighborhood with only their running lights on letting the luminaria lights guide their way through the streets.

  4. Lots!!! Doing a Christmas Date night with my husband, which consists of going to look at Christmas lights! My family does Christmas crackers and wears Christmas crowns (see google if you aren’t familiar with this british tradition) – This is probably my favorite tradition of all, esp since my parents aren’t from the states!

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