This Mommy’s Aha’s and Resolutions to Defy Pinterest Perfection

1. Glitter Glue, finger paints, and crayons are not my enemies! I will embrace them and will allow my daughter to squeeze, smudge, scribble, and CREATE to her little heart’s desire. I will smile at the beautiful clutter adorning my fridge, my countertops, and yes, even my floors.

2. Clothes were meant to get dirty. If they stay in a laundry room pile for a week (let’s be honest…or three) because instead I’ve been sitting on the floor reading the 1000th book to my little one’s delight, I will smile at my time management choices and embrace the challenge of finding clean underwear.

3. Not every meal was meant to be gourmet (I know some of you disagree!). A simple healthy dinner is a luxury in many homes around the world. If I am only able to put steamed vegetables, unseasoned rice, and store-bought rotisserie chicken on the plate, because I spent my “cooking time” playing dress-up, wiping tears, or yes, even giving myself a moment to breathe, I will not criticize the simplicity or apologize for its lack of gourmet appeal.

4. Time around the table is more important than the table itself. Instead of wishing for a prettier, more size appropriate kitchen table, I will focus on the joy that I find from the people sitting next to me.

5. Every party doesn’t have to look like it was hosted by Martha Stewart. The joy is in the company not the decorations or food (I say that somewhat half believing it!)

6. Less stuff means fewer things to dust! It’s okay that every room is not full of perfectly placed furniture.

7. Toys were meant to be played with (maybe not all at the same time…but). I will not have a conniption when I see them strewn about the house even if I have to pick them up 20 times in the same day.

8. Catalogues all end up in the recycling bin. The pictures may be perfect, but in the end every catalogue ends up in shreds. I will be encouraged by the fact that my house looks pretty good in comparison to shreds!

9. Pinterest has nothing on me! I will remind myself that I am more essential in this world than any pretty idea. Not only can I create beautiful moments, I can inspire others, grow life, save lives, show love, honor honesty, instill integrity, and foster character. My life may not be picture perfect, but it’s the rough edges that make it worth writing about!

P.S. Pinterest I really do love you!!!!! xoxo!




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