Mae Li Rose Toddler Girl Giveaway from The Mom in Me, MD

If you haven’t heard of Mae Li Rose yet…then you’re in for a treat! Mae Li Rose is a girls’ clothing company that isn’t afraid of bows, ruffles, and ribbons. And, while they love to embellish…their super stylish leggings, tutu skirts, sweat shirts, and dresses aren’t over the top in design or price. Instead they resemble the look of a laid back ballerina. Soft jerseys, knits, and cottons make this dressed-up line perfect for everyday play wear or special occasions; and, most of the pieces are made to be mixed and matched! I love the versatility. Soft pinks, peaches, creams, and navy make up the fabulous color scheme of this season’s collection. I’m already imagining great snow angel pictures with Mae Li Roses’s new ivory leg warmer leggings (A definite MUST HAVE that I’ve already hung in Ayla’s closet).Check out some of these photos taken directly from the Mae Li Rose website. What’s not to love? 4f6e64692f8645aab935240da34ba1bd0cff3eabb97ee5cbe8a6d80fabc94618cb384d0429050cb1a61b816a6d28627745de0d15eae3693695a64c2fdf69f8a3

My mother has amazing taste, and when she showed up at my door step with the super cute, navy, gold and cream scalloped ensemble I got a little giddy! So giddy, that when Mae Li Rose asked which outfit I would like to use as a giveaway, I knew that this was the one. Ayla packed this outfit for our trip to France and wore it while we were in Versailles. It does run a smidge small, FYI, so I would consider sizing up. The navy color is perfect for pictures and for play! It doesn’t show dirt!!! We paired the outfit with a headband from one of my favorite Etsy boutiques.DSC07484DSC07351

My sister has superb taste as well, and she too gifted Ayla with an adorable LOVE sweatshirt and some butterfly leggings. Just so that I could mix and match a little more, I purchased a bow zip up sweat shirt, lace leggings, and the leg warmer leggings that I already mentioned. I couldn’t stop there…so I added the peach and gold flower leggings with a matching lace overlay skirt.



Trendy boutique brands seem to be popping up everywhere, but MaeLi Rose clothing captures the sweetness of childhood. Each of our little girls is amazingly precious; MaeLi Rose manages to bring out the precious and make it look just a little more delicious. Check out some new pics from their upcoming Spring/Summer Collection, and visit their website to find a boutique or online vendor near you. Oh, and don’t forget to ENTER TO WIN this full outfit! Simply Click here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure you invite a friend to like The Mom in Me, MD on Facebook and don’t forget to share this giveaway blog on the social media site of your choosing. I’m not picky! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…or, ALL OF THE ABOVE:) Oh, and Mae Li Rose didn’t influence my opinion. I’m always inclined to have a mind of my own on fashion and everything else! They did, however, generously donate the giveaway items. Just another reason to like them a little more!DSC07457






4 thoughts on “Mae Li Rose Toddler Girl Giveaway from The Mom in Me, MD

  1. I have oogled over these clothes nearly every day. Have you announced a winner? I may be a bit excited… And if I didn’t win, I am givin myself permission to shop. 🙂

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