Matilda Jane Giveaway…along with some free MJ styling tips!

I noticed that so many little girls were walking around in fluttery, ruffle pants; mix and match fabric dresses; and over the top ensembles. I hadn’t seen these outfits in any of the traditional department stores, but I loved their Anthropology like whimsy. When Ayla was just 6 months old, I was invited to a Matilda Jane trunk show. Aha! So this is where all of these moms were finding the boho cuteness. I was a little disappointed to find that the MJ styles don’t start until 12 months of age, so I decided to hold out until my daughter was a little bigger. Well, she’s bigger now! Let the shopping begin!

Little did I know how intense (and slightly ruthless) moms can be until I joined a Matilda Jane resale page! Saving a buck or two is always a good idea, but I’m not sure it was worth losing my sanity. So back to retail prices and traditional sales for me…for the most part. I do love a good deal, and Matilda Jane is just so cute!Diptic

While Matilda Jane may seem a little over the top to some of you, I wanted to point out that you can definitely create an awesome (but more toned down) look for your daughter by pairing one MJ piece with other more traditional items. Some of you may love the head to toe MJ look…and that’s great too. To each her own! If budget is a major concern, purchasing one versatile MJ piece can actually stretch your dollar a long way. Many Matilda Jane items are meant to be layered, can be worn as a dress or a shirt (as your daughter gets taller), and can be paired with less expensive items such as $3 leggings or $5 long-sleeved shirts from thriftier stores. So here are my MJ fashion tips:Diptic

1. Purchase a Knot Dress.

These dresses are very generous and can grow with your child. You can adjust the length of the straps and because they are somewhat wide they look equally cute as a shirt as your daughter gets taller.

2. Skip on the Bennys or Wide Ruffle Pants if you like a more toned down look.

I was a little hesitant about the wide leg ruffle pants layered with the mix and match shirts and striped shirts, but many moms love this look. If you like a more tailored look simply skip on the Bennys and wide ruffle pants. Instead, opt for a skinny legging or a pair of more neutral tights. This simple trick will give you a super cute look that may feel a little less “clown like.” Sorry! I had to say it. I think they are cute, but the look does have a somewhat circus inspired feel:)photo 3

3. Buy something that you can use for multiple seasons.

I’ve already mentioned that the Knot dress is great because it can grow with your daughter. It can also be used for multiple seasons!! In the winter, fall, and spring, simply layer the dress over a long sleeved shirt (this doesn’t have to be Matilda Jane-you can pick an inexpensive one up anywhere). In the summer, skip on the undershirt and you have a great sundress. Other great season stretchers are head bands and ruffle socks. These aren’t quite as pricy and can be worn pretty much year 4

4. Fake the look with one traditional MJ item

If you don’t want to spend the money for a knot dress, instead pick a simple staple that has the MJ signature look. Buy a pair of the ruffle pants or one of the long-sleeved shirts with the ruffled arms. Layering these items with an off brand dress will still have the same fun MJ effect.

5. Shoes matter

To complete your look, whether more tailored or over the top, choose the right pair of shoes. My favorite shoes to partner with Matilda Jane are either Livie and Luca or See Kai Run. Check out the hyperlinks for more about these great brands and for ways to purchase. Not only are these shoes beautiful, colorful, and stylish, they are comfortable for your little one’s 5

Okay, that’s it for my free fashion tips. Now I’m onto the REAL FREE STUFF! Just because I think every little girl should have some whimsy in her wardrobe….I’ve decided to do a Matilda Jane Giveaway!!!!! Check out this Rafflecopter link to Enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway shirt is featured here with all of the bubbles! It will be a size 6. Diptic

Don’t worry, if you don’t win you can still purchase some new Matilda Jane. The first Fall line was released early August and then another in September, but October 2nd marked the next new Fall release! You can purchase from The Mom in Me, MD hosted trunk show! Here are the details.

1) Go to​ to start browsing.

2) The new Fall/Sept Release is on the left hand side of the page. You can of course shop any collection!

3) Add items that you want to the WISH LIST TAB- this is sort of like a cart

4) email the wish list to my trunk keeper:– please make sure to include your preferred email address, your name and phone number

5) Make Sure to Include My Name as Your Host: EMMA HOSTETTER or THE MOM IN ME, MD

6) My trunk keeper, Alicia will reply that she has received your wish list and will then confirm payment and shipping information.

Happy Shopping!!!!!!

From The Mom in Me, MD





41 thoughts on “Matilda Jane Giveaway…along with some free MJ styling tips!

  1. We love our MJ clothes! My Amelia is 6 months old so we are starting to fit into some of the pieces. I also love the grown up pieces and have purchased some for myself! (PS- We love our boots!)

  2. I am so sad my little girl is getting so big… But it sounds like she may still be able to use the dresses at tips if she’s a size 5/6, right?! 🙂

  3. I would love to win this for my daughter! She could use some new clothes and a (shirt). Everything Matilda Jane creates is GOLD! I’m in love with it all!!! Thanks so much for the chance! I am also a subscriber!

  4. It was great meeting you tonight! I look forward to reading more of your blog and crossing paths between our neighborhoods. Thanks for letting me know about the MJ giveaway!!

  5. I would love to win this for my daughter. My daughter loves this company but can’t afford to buy it for her. I am expecting our second child so all our finances are going towards baby. My husband got injured by an IED in Iraq so we are living on a limited income. Winning this shirt would be amazing!

    • Oh, I hope you win! It is a random computer generated winner…but, you never know! MJ is pretty pricy, but their clothing is so cute. Congrats on your second baby. And, thank your husband for his service to our country! I pray that he has a speedy recovery. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be. I will keep you in my prayers. Oh, and check out the Noonday jewelry giveaway i’m doing now too! you can find the info on how to win a bracelet under the giveaway tab on my home page.

  6. I have a 6 year old that loves MJ! But the prices are hard to swallow sometimes! Would love to win this top! Thanks for the chance! How will the winner be notified?

    • Thanks for participating! The winner must sign up to follow the blog via email per the giveaway instructions (just go to the blog main page and put in your email address on the right side of the page where it asks for it. You will be sent an email to confirm this. Once the giveaway is over, the computer will randomly select a winner. I will verify that you have met all of the requirements spelled out and will then shoot you an email! Once I hear back from you (within a couple of days) with your shipping info I will get the item in the mail! Good Luck!

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