Hooray for National Ice Cream Day!!!

This afternoon we decided to venture to a local creamery in honor of National Ice Cream Day (we will take any excuse we can get to eat ice cream!) Traders Point Creamery is everything that they advertise…fresh…simple…organic goodness. Although we didn’t get to stay for dinner, The Loft Restaurant looked amazing. We did make time to see a few cows and to hit up the Dairy Bar.



Nothing says “fresh” like a bunch of dairy cows! Surprisingly, it didn’t smell like manuer at all. They must keep some clean stables.

DipticAyla got to have some extra special daddy time! But then we were off to the important stuff…ICE CREAM! DipticAyla and I sampled (devoured) the strawberry and chocolate with raspberries. Yum!!!
DipticDaddy opted for the vanilla and chocolate with toffee. DipticAnd, although this was the perfect place for a family adventure…Dave and I decided that our next visit to Trader’s Point Creamery will definitely be date night. Can’t wait for dinner at The Loft Restaurant!!!

Although many of you don’t live in the Indianapolis area, find a local dairy farm or creamery near you. This is such a great way for your kids to learn about animals, farming, and organic food. Besides, the ice cream is always to die for!

From The Mom in Me, MD


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