5 Tips for Putting the Perfect Watermelon in Your Grocery Cart

I love watermelon! The only person in my house who loves it more is my daughter. She would eat a whole watermelon daily if I would let her. A few days ago my girlfriends and I were talking about the tricks to picking the perfect watermelon. Some said it was a crapshoot, others said that they use the thumping trick, but none of us were sure if there was a way to pick the perfect melon every time. After a little self-education, I’ve found 5 tips to make sure that the watermelon in your grocery cart is ripe, juicy, and super sweet!IMG_7667IMG_7672

1. Make sure your watermelon is free from any cuts or deformities, FIRM, and BRIGHT green.

2. Choose the most SYMMETRIC watermelon. A melon that is smaller on one end than the other may have had irregular growth and won’t be as tasty.

3. Because watermelons are 90% water, the HEAVIER your melon…the better. Choose the melon that feels heavier than its size would indicate. Extra heavy means ripe and extra juicy!

4. Look for a large YELLOW or CREAMY SPOT on the bottom of the melon. This isn’t an imperfection. It’s the underside of the melon that sat on the ground. This yellow spot tells you that the watermelon had enough time to ripen on the ground before it was picked.

5. The THUMP TEST-hoist the watermelon a couple of inches from your ear, and give it a good thump or tap. You want it to sound HOLLOW. If it sounds solid it’s not ripe, and if it sounds thick it’s over ripe. Hollow is ripe perfection!Watermelon. Woman showing whole watermelon on isolated white bac

Hope this helps you pick the best watermelon ever…every time! And, thanks to the Food Channel, Wikihow, and The New York Times for helping me on my watermelon picking self-study.

From The Mom in Me, MD

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