Mini-Pedi for Your Baby’s Little Piggies

We all know about the mani-pedi, but what about the “mini” pedi for our little girls tiny toes! My daughter is at the age where she copies everything that I’m doing. Recently, she started noticing my pretty pink toenails, but she was disappointed when she saw that hers weren’t like mommy’s. I’m all about keeping little girls, little girls, but a little bit of nail polish never made a munchkin grow up too fast, right? Besides, painting our toenails together created some extra fun mommy-baby time.Baby feet in mother's hands outside in grass

Ayla is old enough to have an opinion so I took her to the store to pick out her own color. She knew exactly what she wanted (I even tried to trick her by swapping out her color choice with another. She caught on and exchanged it right back! Bad Mommy!) Although I let Ayla have the final say on her polish color, I had the final say on what products were safe for us to use on her precious toes.

Babies put their fingers and toes everywhere! How they manage the toe mouth maneuver I’ll never understand! Ayla is so good at it that I think she has a chance for joining junior Cirque du Soleil. I digress. Back to safety. Since our little girls may be tasting their polish every now and again, it is important to choose products that are non-toxic and as close to nature as possible. Several brands are made specifically for kids such as Piggy Paint and Hopscotch Kids Water Colors. These are non-toxic Water Based options that work well. Both companies have nail polish removers that are acetone free! Yay! No nasty odor! I highlight water based because many organic/vegan nail polishes are solvent based rather than water based. They may not be toxic but they do still have chemicals in them. For my little one, I’d rather be on the safe side and opt for water! (if you are pregnant these are a great option as well)Cute Baby Playing With Mothers Manicure Cosmetics

However, if you are looking for organic or vegan brands made for mommies with busy hands and toes, here are some other great companies! These aren’t water based like the baby polish, so they do last a little longer for active mammas, and they are still non-toxic. I went to the organic grocery store to purchase my own nail polish and ended up choosing the Pacifica brand. Sparitual and Zoya are two other natural/non-toxic brands that work well. These all come in an array of colors. They aren’t cheap, but neither is Revlon anymore!

Yes, painting your little girl’s nails isn’t a necessity, but it does make for some fun memories and special mommy-daughter moments. It’s okay for your little one to feel pretty on the outside, as long as she knows that being beautiful on the inside is what matters most!

For more safe options for your toes and hers check out the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. This will allow you to search any and all products on the market!

From The Mom in Me, MD


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