Rub a Dub Dub Ayla’s Playtime in the Tub: bath time must haves and safety tips

Baby in Bath tub with instagram effectAyla LOVES bath time. Who wouldn’t with a bath full of fun toys? Time to share our favorite bath time picks from toys, to soap, and towels! Let’s get splishin’ and splashin’!

What to Sit In? When looking at baby bath tubs I was overwhelmed. I could have gone with the deluxe spa edition that had its own hand-held sprayer, or I could have chosen a self-cleaning tub or an upright bucket. I decided to make things simple. I didn’t want to have to worry about batteries (the spa tub), and I wasn’t confident that Ayla wouldn’t slip in the bucket. So, we opted for the Fisher Price Whale. The nice thing about this is that it can sit in the tub. It has non-slip mats and it has a positioner that is removable when your baby gets larger. We also purchased a Puj Tub for the sink. This works great if you travel a lot or if your baby is too little for the tub. The Puj Tub folds flat and can be stored on the back of the bathroom door. Genius!

What to Cover the Faucet? Faucets can get hot, and they hurt if you bump your head on them. Make sure to get a faucet cover. I don’t really have a favorite for these, but Kel Gar has some really cute animals that double as faucet covers. Amazon has a whole bunch as well. Pick your child’s favorite animal, character, or color! What to Control the Temp?  Making sure that your baby’s bath water is the correct temperature is vital! You don’t want to scald your little one’s skin or have them become too chilly. Make sure that you test the temp with more than your hand. A water thermometer does just the trick. By leaving it in the water during the bath, it will let you know if things are getting too cool. This little turtle alarms if the water is too hot. Oh, and on a safety note…make sure that your Hot Water Heater is Set at 120 degrees or less! This will help prevent scalding injuries.

What to Wash With? I am a fan of Burt’s Bees baby wash! It smells so good and makes Ayla’s skin super soft. I also like Johnson’s Natural Head to Toe Foaming Baby Wash. This acts as shampoo and body wash! I love it when things make life more simplistic!

Here are some of the Best Wash Cloths. The ones from Little Giraffe are super soft, but I love all of the patterns Aden and Anais has to offer.

What to Rinse With? Although any cup will do, this shampoo rinse cup helps keep the water and soap out of your little one’s eyes. Always important!

  What to Play With? Squirty toys are a must have in the tub! Rockin’ out is so much fun in the bath. Love these Elegant Baby Squirty instruments. If you ask Ayla, she would say that nothing beats Sophie the Giraffe! Sophie in an inter tube… what could be cuter? Actually we have Sophie in a submarine, but I don’t think Vulli is making it any longer. I didn’t include a picture because I didn’t want you to be jealous!

This ferry by Green Toys is just so cute. Floating toys are a must for all bath time fun!

In addition to drawing on the walls, why not put a puzzle together. Ayla loves piecing the railroad tracks along the wall and sticking cars and trains along the road! So much fun! This brand has several other sticker options.

Ayla loves to read just about everywhere! We can’t leave bath time out! Here are a few bath book favorites. The Hungry Caterpillar also comes with toys…Bonus! If you want to start your kiddo on a second language early, the Sophie bath book is just the thing. It comes in French!

What to Dry Off With? Nothing beats a cozy towel after a bath. My absolute favorites are from Little Giraffe, but these are super expensive! They make for excellent gifts or a splurge for your own little one. After Little Giraffe I like Aden and Anais. These aren’t quite as soft, but they are cute and still cuddly. Next on my list would be Pottery Barn Kids. I also included a cute princess towel Ayla got as a gift. It has arms and a crown! How cute. You can get your child’s name embroidered on the crown. Love!

What to Lotion Up With? Although Aveeno Baby Lotion and Burt’s Bees Baby Lotion are both good choices, I love Cetaphil (especially in the winter). This cream goes on thick, but it does wonders on dry skin. We even used it on Ayla’s fragile skin while she was in the NICU…Magic!

Remember…don’t over bathe your baby (most mothers do:) Infants don’t need to be bathed more than once a week usually. Bathing them more often may be hard on their fragile skin, leading to dry patches and possibly cracks in the skin that could become infected. Toddlers are another story! They just get plain old dirty! If you really need to give a daily bath make sure to use lotion even in the summer. Happy Bath Time! Hope these tips help make yours safer, more fun, and cozier. Don’t forget to click on the hyperlinks under each picture and in the text for more info on each product and to make any online purchases! These pictures have been taken from their respective hyperlinks.

From The Mom in Me, MD

One thought on “Rub a Dub Dub Ayla’s Playtime in the Tub: bath time must haves and safety tips

  1. Almost forgot to mention…never leave standing water in your baby tub! Infants can drown in less than an inch of water. Make sure to drain the tub! Also, never leave your infant alone in the bathroom while the tub is draining. Babies can climb back in and their clothes can stop up the drain. Dangerous! My parents can tell you this from experience. I almost drowned due to this scenario as an infant!

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