“Messy Baby” Mealtime Solutions

cute toddler with finger in mouthBabies are messy. Give a baby a spoon and some yogurt, and the rest is history! I tried the strip down method with Ayla, but this method meant that she needed a bath after EVERY meal. A baby’s skin can only handle so much washing. After a season of trial and error, and realizing that a bib just wasn’t going to cut it, here are some of the things that worked for us.

1. Get a DogCute little girl feeding her puppy

If you think I’m kidding…think again! Our dog Bentley does a great job of cleaning up after Ayla’s spills. Besides, dogs have been shown to reduce a child’s risk of allergies. It doesn’t have to be a big dog. Just make sure it’s hungry all of the time.


2. Have the Right Bib

I am a huge fan of the BABY BJORN Bibs!
IMG_1831They catch almost everything. They are easy to wash and DRY! So many plastic bibs take forever to dry. Not only are the Baby Bjorn bibs cute, they are practical.

3. Smock up

Even though I love the Baby Bjorn bibs, they aren’t a match for Ayla’s messes. I decided we needed to upgrade to fuller coverage. That’s when I found the BABYBJORN Eat & Play Smock 
I have tried a few different brands, but ended up liking theirs the best. They are elasticized around the wrists so food can’t make its way up the arm. They also have adjustable snaps at the neck that are reasonably difficult to pull apart. This is great if you have a Houdini (aka Ayla) who can get out of everything! I still use a bib over top, but the smocks help keep bath time at bedtime! These also double as great craft time smocks.

4. Plastic wrap your floor

Don’t literally plastic wrap your floor, but do get a plastic tarp to place under your high chair. These protect the floor and are much easier to clean. I purchased a clear one, the Jeep Protective Floor Mat and have loved it.

Click on the hyperlinks above to check out the products. I’ve even included the Humane Society! Hint, Hint! Leave a comment with other ideas that you’ve found to be useful with your little ones. I love learning from other moms. Hope this helps keep your kitchen and your baby a little cleaner.

From The Mom in Me, MD


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