The Best Grilled Corn on the Cob…Husks and All!

Delicious Grilled Mexican CornNothing beats sweet corn in the summer! In the spirit of GRILLING, I thought that I would share my favorite grilled corn on the cob recipe. My only disclaimer is that this is not on the “healthy summer eats” list because I do use butter. You can substitute for a low-fat butter alternative if you would like. I would consider this a “cheat” side if you are watching your waist, your cholesterol, or your sugar.

How to Make the Best Grilled Corn on the Cob…Husks and All: 

1. Prepping the Corn

Prepping the corn does take a little time. You want to purchase ears of corn, husks and all. Pull back the husks on each ear of corn carefully and without removing them so that you can get to the silky threads. Remove the silk and then carefully pull the husks back up to cover the corn. Place the corn in a large pot of cold water to soak for at least 20 minutes (this helps to prevent the husks from burning on the grill).  Dump the water after 20 minutes and get ready to butter the corn. Peel back the husks one more time and dry off just the corn.

2. Choose your seasoned butter (or butter alternative)

You can make any type of butter that you want. That is the beauty of this recipe! You can change it up depending on what you have in the cupboard or what your taste buds are longing for.  Simply soften your butter, spread a thin layer over the corn, and sprinkle with your seasoning. I love to use Herbes de Province as my seasoning, but chili powder is another great option. If you want a lime butter, you can add lime juice (1 tablespoon) and lime zest (1 tablespoon) to 1/3 cup of softened butter and then spread over your corn. Get creative! Try chopping up herbs and mixing into your seasoned butter, or even consider making a pecan butter with chopped nuts.

After the corn is buttered, pull the wet husks back up and place the corn on your hot grill. Cover, but leave vented. Cook for approximately 15 minutes, but make sure to turn the corn. Check fairly frequently because the husks can sometimes set on fire if they get too dry! Careful! They will be hot when you take them off the grill. Serve immediately. This recipe is a modified from Williams-Sonoma Complete Grilling Cookbook. 

From The Mom in Me, MD



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