Baby Shoes to Drool Over! (for kids and moms too)

petal-sky-blue-spring-2014-9Does every outfit start with the shoes, or do the shoes just make the outfit? YES and YES!! Babies have the best little feet. If we have to hide them with shoes, we better do it in style! Here is a glimpse into one of my favorite shoe brands for Ayla. In addition to baby sizes for boys and girls, they also design children and women’s shoes. baby-merry-bell-light-blue-summer-2014-3

baby-bloom-gold-summer-2014-3I stumbled across this brand quite by accident, but once I looked them up, I was hooked. WHO ARE THEY? None other than Livie & Luca. Here’s a sampling of shoe pictures taken from their website. Beware, you might fall in love too. If you find them to be a little too pricy, you can also find them on Zappos usually at a discount. Those may be last season, but really, who cares? Cute baby shoes are cute baby shoes!baby-minnie-navy-patent-summer-2014-3baby-zebra-cream-spring-2014-3toi-toi-red-patent-spring-2014-9


From The Mom in Me, MD

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